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What I’m Thankful For (music style)!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I plan on getting together with my family and friends to eat the shit out of some turkey and having a good time. Personally, I feel like I’ve got a pretty awesome life. There is a ton of things that I am truly thankful for, including but not limited to people, places, health, yada yada yada.

I wanted to sit down for a moment and share some of the things that I am thankful for that pertain to music. I have seen and heard some pretty amazing stuff in my time and without the following things in my life, I probably wouldn’t enjoy music as much as I do (let alone write this blog, which quite frankly is a real blast for me). So check out the things that made me thankful recently, then share with me what has made you thankful for the amazing life we have together in music!

  •  The life of Jamie Duffy: One of the saddest things to happen this past year was the passing of Jamie Duffy. For those of you who don’t know Jamie, he was an integral member of Acumen Nation/DJ? Acucrack. He was also an incredible live soundman and had his hand in the creation of some of my favorite records. When Jamie passed away, his friends and peers banded together to put together an absolute monster of a show to honor the loss of Jamie. In spite of the sad origins of the show, I was treated to seeing some of my favorite bands of all time share the stage, among them: Acumen Nation, Chemlab, Revolting Cocks, Czar, Claypeople, Cyanotic…etc. etc. The show itself was amazing, but what blew me away was how hard everyone worked to make this show happen. I personally can’t imagine working through the grief of losing a great friend to produce something so amazing. To that end, I am thankful for Jason Novak (and the Cracknation camp), Jared Louche (and the Chemlab camp), Chris, Paul and the rest of the “real” Revco lineup, Eric Powell (and 16 volt), Daniel Neet, Coma Magazine for the awesome coverage, Alex Zander and MK Ultra Magazine and everyone else who worked their asses off to make this night happen. Most of all, I wanna say thank you to Jamie. We only met a handful of times, but you were always really cool to talk to and shoot some Jameson with. Some of the records you helped create are some of my favorites of all time! I will always remember that and be thankful for the great music you made.
Acumen tearing it up at Coldwaves
Me and Jared from Chemlab
R.I.P. Jamie
  •  Musicians being honest: So, I’m a little bit late to this one, but I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it. David Kinkade is the former drummer for bands like Soulfly and Borknagar. To be completely honest, I haven’t really followed his career until he recorded drums on Soulfly’s last record. His performance on that last record was really…..fucking…..good. About a month ago though, Kinkade stated that he was going to walk away from playing drums because he wanted to be around his family more. Talk about a guy not giving a shit what other people think and doing what he wants! Especially in the world of metal where there can be a bullshit “macho” code to uphold. I’ll be sad to not hear him drumming on any more releases, but kudos to him for being real and not faking it for a buck! Well played David. Speaking about musicians being honest, check out what Fiona Apple did last week. She recently posted on her Facebook page that she will not be able to fulfill her scheduled South American tour dates because her dog is dying. She wanted to stay home with her dog in the final days of it’s life instead of playing her shows. Instead of having a PR dude write some bullshit about why Fiona wasn’t coming to tour, Fiona wrote a heartfelt letter to her fans explaining the situation and promising to come back. What an incredible story! Good for her for following her heart but also for treating her fans like people instead of just numbers on a sales spreadsheet.
  • Record Stores: I’m not really sure why I’m thanking you. You take too much of my time and money. I’m always late and broke thanks to you assholes……..just kidding. Y’all are awesome!!!
  • The Refused: I know I talked a bunch of shit earlier in the week about how bands shouldn’t reunite, but these guys are a rare exception. Over a decade after blowing my mind with an incredible record, you blew my mind with an incredible show. Thanks for coming back and doing it right!

and finally………

  •  Anyone reading this: You had to know I was gonna thank all of you right??? I’m so stoked that some of you are reading this. It’s super fun for me to write this blog. I’m really learning a bunch by doing it and it’s really cool that enough of you are checking it out. Thank you for always looking and making sure I feel appreciated. You all are the best! Special shout out to my friends and girlfriend who are probably tired of hearing about it but encourage me anyways! So much love!!!

Now it’s your turn! Let me know what you all are thankful for. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be about music. As long as you feel it, that’s all that matters! Leave me a comment below about what you’re thankful for!

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