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Updates, News & Other Stuff (11/8/12)

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t consider that music (like life) is ever changing. Situations regarding something I write about may change or my opinion on something I write about may change. Well, some of those things have happened. I wanted to start a new column that will hopefully update, back-up or further expand on a subject I have written about in the past.

On top of that, I’m gonna include a little bit of music related news that have caught my eye over the last few weeks. Most of this stuff is really just links and repeated stuff, but I figure if it interests me, than it may interest you too.

Finally, I’ll probably include something that makes me happy. Good news is hard to come by these days, so I’ll go ahead and find something good for everyone to appreciate!

 Update #1:
Last week, I wrote an article about Taylor Swift selling a shit ton of records and hopefully saving at least a few records stores from going out of business. I praised Taylor Swift, not only for selling records, but for writing songs that she believes in and doing a seemingly good job of it. In that same article, I slammed the RIAA, for not having a clue about how to fix the embarrassingly low amount of  physical record sales.
Now, I hope I’ve made it perfectly clear by now that I don’t care where music comes from. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s top 40 pop or an underground industrial band, if I like it then that’s it. End of discussion. What’s challenging with that viewpoint when pertaining to this article is that Taylor Swift (while maybe coming from humble beginnings) has the essence of fame in her corner. She could probably sell a few hundred thousand records on her name and image alone (no disrespect meant). Simply said, she kind of has a leg up based on her past performance.
After I wrote this piece, I couldn’t stop asking myself “what about the underground”? Surely, those dickbags at the RIAA haven’t got a clue how to make a physical product more appealing. And Taylor Swift was able to do it on her name. What about the little guy?
Then I remembered someone that I completely overlooked. Amanda Palmer. 
If you’re not familiar with Amanda Palmer, don’t feel bad. Not a lot of people are. Shit, I don’t know too much about her either. I know she was/is in the band The Dresden Dolls. Their song “Coin Operated Boy” was my jam back in the day. 
Amanda was signed to Roadrunner Records earlier in her career, but split from them to do her own thing. Instead of freaking out about how to record and promote a new album, on top of producing a beautiful physical package, she just asked her fans for help. The result??? A kickstarter campaign that raised over 1 million dollars!!! Fucking amazing!!! Check out the kickstarter page for her project here.
I know the time has passed to participate, but read over some of the rewards offered. This is some seriously cool and inspiring shit! Are you taking notes RIAA? If you want to sell some records, you had better quit acting like old fucking idiots and get on with new ways to produce a product.
Anyone else that’s reading this right now, I would suggest going to Amanda Palmer’s website and grabbing some of her music. I’m listening to Who Killed Amanda Palmer right now and it’s just as fun as I remembered that old Dresden Dolls album to be. Oh, and you can get her stuff for free…. From her site….Seriously, how goddamn cool is that????
Update #2:
Two weeks ago, I wrote this piece talking about the hiatus for the Foo Fighters. I suggested that Dave get back behind a drumkit for someone and kick some ass again. Barely two weeks later, and this picture was posted on the Queens Of The Stone Age Facebook account:
See that channel that says “Dave Drums”? Fucking right you do! So it looks like my wish was granted. Maybe I’m some sort of music culture fortune teller…..whatever. What I do know is this. Era Vulgaris was full of some amazing songs, but kinda “meh” on the drums. Dave is gonna fix that shit up just fine. I’m guessing we are gonna have another fine Queens release just in time for next summer!
Update #3:
Remember when I wrote this one a while back? I was talking some serious shit about this guy and this other guy, for slamming Billie Joe for apologizing for his behavior and his subsequent stint in rehab. I think those guys (along with a bunch of others) kind of just thought it was a publicity thing.

Well, here is the thing. It had nothing to do with publicity. It was the beginning of some very serious changes for Billie Joe and Green Day in general. And that “punk rock” action of Billie‘s kind of fucked up what should be a very cool time for the band. Instead of enjoying the release of their new album(s), they are just sitting on their hands. In fact, they had to cancel their upcoming tour and push up the release of their 3rd album
I don’t think I really have much more to say about this subject. I guess if you’re gonna write something or express an opinion, you should be ready to back it up. If not, you will really come across like an idiot.
  • Nine Inch Nails is working on a new album and possible tour. Check it all out here. I don’t think there could be better news. 
  • This coming Tuesday (11/9/12) is going to see a bunch of great records released. Amongst others are new releases from Green Day, How To Destroy Angels, Deftones and fucking Soundgarden!!! Full list of releases here.
  • Thomas Newman did the score for the new James Bond movie Skyfall. As usual, it’s incredible. Highly recommended.
  • I can’t remember seeing a music video creepier than this one any time in the recent past:

Finally, I wanted to share this page with you. I feel like often times, popular musicians are perceived in a mostly unflattering light. The media portrays many of them to be self-absorbed pompus assholes (in some cases, I’m sure that’s well deserved) but I feel like the good work of some musicians is completely overlooked. Some of the profiles on this page are truly inspiring and worthy of a good look.

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