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Shuffle…..Thursday Night??? (1/11/13)

One thing that is really cool about being me is that I rarely get sick. Like really rarely. So when I do get sick, it knocks me on my ass. And wouldn’t you know it, but this whole past week, I decided to run off and get sick (1st time in close to three years). Sure, it was just a head cold but I felt like I was dying from a fucked up form of the Hanta Virus or Bird Flu. Because of the pestilence that was wrought on my unsuspecting body, I took a little time away from writing. I missed writing about a bunch of cool shit (David Bowie’s new album!) but I also missed a date this last Sunday to do some Shufflin’. Normally, I would just skip it and call it good, but I wanted to make it up to you! So here, in all it’s glory is the first Shuffle Sunday of 2013, just presented to you on Thursday night. Let’s see what’s in store for us this week!


Eels “Jeannie’s Diary”

This band always blows my mind! I never aim to listen to them, but every time I do, I am happy that I did. Like nearly everyone my age, I caught on with these guys when they came out with the Beautiful Freak record, but after that I kind of dropped off. One thing that I always appreciate about them is their lyrical content. I’m definitely not a lyrics person, but E.’s lyrics always make me pay attention. That is really a feat in and of itself. Example from this song: “I don’t have a chance at writing the book, I just wanna be a page, in Jeannie’s diary.” Doesn’t really say that much in order to mean a whole lot. Well played Eels, well played.


The Cinematic Orchestra “Theme Reprise”

Isn’t this band kind of a big deal these days? I feel like they are. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else….I dunno. Anyways, the song. Well, what can I say. This song makes me want to pull on some goggles, a set of leather driving gloves and put on a scarf. After I do all of that, I would hop into a drop top Jag and speed around some curvy streets for a bit. When I get tired of burning ass all around the city I would pull up to my favorite bar, go in and order a dirty gin martini. When the bartender pours my drink and I taste that he’s used well gin, I would promptly stand up, slap him with one of my driving gloves all the while exclaiming that he was a “preposterous bastard”. Exasperated and worn out from all my sweet driving, I would excuse myself and go to the bathroom to cool down with a nice big line of coke. I would get all set up on the back of the toilet and then BAM! My fucking heart would explode and I would end. Cause that’s what happens in the song. It just ends. So much excitement for nearly 3:00 minutes and then it’s over.


Korn “B.B.K.”

Oh man, High School Ryan is so fucking pumped right now. Actually, 30 year old Ryan is pretty pumped too. Some bands you just never outgrow. Korn is one of those bands for me. I always loved the sincerity that these guys presented. Jonathan Davis has such a unique voice and the way he conveys emotion is (in my book) second to none. The guitar tones that these guys got always blew my mind too. I remember when I first heard them I thought it was the heaviest thing that I had ever heard, and in some aspects, it still is. As far as this song is concerned, it kind of has all of the Korn hallmarks. Heavy-ass riffs, Jon’s scat thing, Fieldy’s bass farting away…I mean, come on. It’s brilliant. Or maybe I’m just wanting to relive my High School years when I would listen to this, drink a 40 of Mickey’s and beat up people’s trash cans. Either way, I’ll take it.


Queen “Love of My Life”

This band always has, always does and always will confuse the absolute shit out of me. I don’t ever know how to label them. They wrote so many songs that could potentially occupy numerous genres. They really don’t fit in anywhere nicely. Brian May could slay the shit out of the guitar, but half the time they would write songs that didn’t outwardly rock. And the way they harmonized with each other….fuck. It’s just sooooo good. Confusing but good. It really is too bad that Freddie Mercury died so young. I would’ve loved to see what this band would have done in their later years with Freddie still around (fuck off if you tell me that Queen is still around. Queen died when Freddie died).


A.F.I. “Halloween”

It’s strange to go back to old A.F.I. records and compare them to what we have heard over the past couple of albums. Honestly, I was on board with them until they put out that last record. What a fucking turd that was! But we aren’t talking about that record, we are talking about this one. And it was a fucking good record. When I was younger, it was really hard for me to get into punk rock. Something about it just didn’t feel right. I wanted to be all goth and dramatic and shit. Punk rock just seemed too…..normal for me. Then I heard A.F.I. and they kind of changed my mind. Their singer was a total goth pussy, but I knew he could kick my ass. I liked that. I really do dig this song, but the whole end part where shit just sounds “spooky” for a few minutes gets kind of old. Overall though, good song and good band.

WINNER OF THE WEEK: What a strong field here! I really do like every song on the list. Ummmmm, I guess I’ll go with the Cinematic Orchestra song. The drumming in that song was pretty fun!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Shit. Again, I really like everything on the list this week. I guess I’ll go with the Eels song, only because I will probably forget to listen to em again soon. Any other week and they would’ve won though!

What did you think? What was your favorite song this week? How bout Turkey? Let me know in the comments section below or find me on Facebook or Twitter!

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