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Shuffle Sunday (2/3/13)

Ok, here’s the deal. Shuffle Sunday is coming a couple of days early this week. Why? Because if you’re anything like me, you are gonna be stupid drunk on Sunday watching a game that no one outside of Baltimore or San Francisco really gives a shit about. I’m gonna play a drinking game where I need to take a shot every time Ray Lewis cries. I may not make it through the game…..

Anyways, check out some Shuffle action a little early this week. I really liked all the songs this week, but the opener is a classic! Have fun this weekend, and if you play the Ray Lewis drinking game with me, I’ll see you in the ER!


Wyclef Jean “It Doesn’t Matter”

Ohhhh maaaann. This record was so fucking awesome! I remember when this song came out and I went out and bought this album, just based on this song. Why? Because there’s a professional wrestler screaming throughout the entire thing! Seriously, it’s incredible. Talk about two things that shouldn’t work well together, let alone be this great. Oh my god! I forgot about the part where Wyclef is talking to the girl “Veronica” during the song! SO GOOD! Do yourself a favor and even if you don’t wanna listen to this song, do it. It will make your day so much better. Not to mention the beat is fucking on fire! I miss Wyclef and the Fugees, but hearing this song again just made my day great!


Slayer “South of Heaven”

How about something completely different now? I’m admittedly not the worlds biggest Slayer fan. In fact, I didn’t really get into Slayer until the late 90’s, so I kinda missed out on all of this stuff. This track is great though. These guys really did help pioneer an entire genre. It’s amazing to consider what music might have looked like if Slayer never existed. Metal sure wouldn’t be as exciting. Although if Slayer never existed, metalhead dudes wouldn’t have anything to carve into their arms. Could you imagine if someone did that for Stryper instead?? What a mess…..


Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon”

God, what a strange mix of songs coming up today. I remember when this record came out. I used to watch VH1 and MTV all the time when I was young and when Fleetwood Mac got back together and played this concert, it was huge. I’m pretty sure VH1 became the Fleetwood Mac channel for about six months. Not that Fleetwood Mac doesn’t deserve the honor. They are a pretty great band. I was always pretty impressed with how they managed to hold their shit together after all these years. Any lesser band would’ve broken up for good or people would’ve died. Shit, I’m surprised that Mick Fleetwood still has a nose after all the coke he ran through. Strange how a band that writes such “soft” music is actually more hardcore than most metal bands (I’m looking at you Slayer.)


Moby “Fireworks”

Isn’t this the record that came out immediately after he sold all those albums? Actually, after looking at it, this record sold a ton as well. Personally, I’ve always really liked Moby. He is one of the few artists that seems to have the ability to play whatever style of music they prefer (his album Animal Rights for example) without completely abandoning their fan base. This track is another great example of that. This is not gonna inspire anyone to go fucking crazy on the dancefloor, but it’s a great downtempo song that’s cool to kick back and relax with.


The Twilight Singers “Annie Mae”

When this song came on, I had no idea who the band was. It sounds like a strange mix of indie rock with Prince. I did a little research and discovered that this is the band that Greg Dulli formed after The Afghan Whigs went on hiatus. Furthermore, Mark Lanegan from the Screaming Trees did some work on the album after this. This track definitely falls into the “do more research” side of things.



WINNER OF THE WEEK: Far and away, the best song of the week was the Wyclef song! That track is so ridiculous it’s awesome!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: There isn’t really one at all. I like all the songs. I’ll say the Twilight Singers track, but only because I don’t really know about them.

What do you think about this weeks songs? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook and Twitter:

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