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Shuffle Sunday (12/16/12)

Alright. So my hissy fit from last week has past. I sat down for a long time and thought about how to handle those guys lifting my idea. While ultimately, nothing really changes, I have had a few thoughts pop up about it over the past few days. Most of those thoughts are honestly just asshole statements on my part. I’m certainly not above being a dickhead, but I do know when to let sleeping dog lay….errr…not beating a dead horse….errr….yeah.
Look. If you read my last post and looked at the issue, I feel like I proved my point well enough. So with that being said, you will have the option of reading two different “Shuffle Sundays” from here on out. One of them focuses on a specific type of music that only caters to a specific audience. Hopefully, my column will find appeal with lovers of all music. Not just punk-ass frat boys that have their girlfriends talk shit (what a bitch move) and people who are always “making moves” and “living large”. I can’t relate to that lifestyle and will never write about or pretend to be something that I’m something I’m not. What it really boils down to is that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So for that, thank you MMIBTY.
So without further ado, let’s fire up some freshly fixed Itunes and see what we have in store for us this week!


The Beatles “Think For Yourself”

What an appropriate way to kick things off, right? Looking back on some of my previous writing, I realize how much shit I talk about The Beatles. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of the Beatles, but I don’t hate em either. They are really just somewhere in between for me. Some of their songs I absolutely love, others I hate, but most are just in between. This is definitely one of those songs. It’s not really good or bad for me, but there is nothing memorable enough to make me want to hear it over and over again. I do like the bassline during the chorus, but that’s not really enough to make it awesome…..just kind of meh.


Onyx “Veronica”

Now this is some great shit right here! Coming off a calling a Beatles song kind of “meh” and then praising Onyx might seem a little backwards. And honestly, it kind of is. But there are personal connections here. As I’ve said before, I never grew up with classic rock. I wasn’t even exposed to it until High School. But hip-hop was around when I was young. I guess it was just the people that I hung around with. Anyways, I remember listening to Onyx’s album Bacdafucup and just thinking to myself how fucking scary these dudes must be. It sounded real. Like no one could make songs like this without living the life they were talking about. Who knows if they really did, but go and Google a pic of Sticky Fingaz and tell me you would fuck with him….seriously. This song here is actually pretty good too. I really like the narrative and strings sample.


MC Eiht “We Come Strapped”

This is awesome. It’s like the thug 13 year old version of me is coming back to life. Listening back on this is more nostalgic for me than anything else. This song here is alright, but if you’ve heard any West Coast rap from the 90’s, then you’ve heard this song. Something about a glock, some dude being a motherfucker and needing to step off and being the most wanted killa in the hood. You know, the usual shit that would happen on, I dunno…..Tuesday? Also, this track has that little high-pitched noise that was featured is tons of West Coast tracks throughout the years. I wonder who came up with that noise? I bet whoever it was is fucking crazy rich because that little noise really does make a song more enjoyable. Who would’ve ever thought..


My Chemical Romance “Cancer”

Wow. How about something completely different. I don’t really have much to say about this song. It sounds like filler for a bigger theme. Probably something that can be found throughout this entire album? I dunno. Maybe further research is necessary…..As far as the band is concerned, I never really fell on one side or the other with them. The singles that they put out were always at least tolerable if not enjoyable. They seem like they would probably be alright people too.


Outkast “Snappin & Trappin”

This song here is easily my favorite from this record (which is hard cause this album is solid from beginning to end). Listening back on this song reminds me just how cool Outkast is/was. No one, and I mean no one, did hip hop like these guys. There isn’t a specific element that made them great in my eyes, but a combination of things. Amazing flow from both MC’s, great beats, cool style ….etc. etc. It’s also cool that these guys were able to crossover to the mainstream all while staying true to who they were. I suppose it was just good timing on their part. America was ready for this album. What I don’t understand is why everyone is giving Andre 3000 so much shit these days for not releasing new stuff. Really. That guy put shit out for well over a decade that no one could touch. I think that guy has earned a break right?

WINNER OF THE WEEK: I’m gonna have to go with the Onyx track. I dig the Outkast song more, but I’ve also heard it more. Shuffle Sunday is supposed to (re)introduce me to songs and artists, and in this case, there was success!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: My Chemical Romance. Not a half bad song, but it doesn’t stack up compared to the other offerings of the week.

What do you think? Which song was your winner? How bout Turkey? Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook and Twitter. And as always, thank you for reading.

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