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Shuffle Sunday (1/20/13)


The Raveonettes “That Great Love Sound”

What a lackluster start to Shuffle Sunday. I’ve never been especially attracted to this band for a variety of reasons. Mostly, it’s due to their sound. Now admittedly, I’ve never sat down and actually tried to listen to their albums straight through, but this song is a perfect example why I haven’t. The song starts with a riff that sounds like it’s trying to rock out, but like it just can’t get over the hump. That same riff is repeated over and over throughout the song which is a shame, because the riff kind of sucks to begin with. Basing an entire song around a lame riff is not cool. Pretty uninspiring writing here. Not to mention the bassist of this band must be bored to death. I’m sure they were aiming to give their audience a good feeling here, but I just feel bored. It doesn’t even motivate me to talk shit about it. Really, it just makes me want to skip it….


Pernice Brothers “Bryte Side”

Sometimes when I do the Shuffle Sunday column I wonder where some of this music came from. It would be foolish to think that I could enjoy everything I hear, but songs like this make me want to just turn the music off. Just as soon as I got done hearing that uninspired Ravonettes song, this bullshit comes on. At least I could tell the Ravonettes were trying to rock out. I can’t say the same thing about this. Not only does it sound insincere, but it doesn’t even sound like they tried to make it interesting. Just more boring pop rock crap. I really wish I knew who was responsible for giving me this song, because I would punch them. And if the song didn’t suck enough on it’s own, look at the title. The way the band spelled “bright” should have been my first indication that this track would be a big steamy turd.


Rx “Crackhead Waltz”

Nothing I could write would ever convey how fucking weird this song is. Calling this a song may actually even be a stretch. I can’t imagine anyone that enjoys this band would actually pull out this album to listen to this song exclusively. It’s just too strange. (side note: This track is a terrible representation of Ritalin. If you’re not familiar, Ritalin is comprised of Ohgr from Skinny Puppy and Martin Atkins of Pigface fame. The record itself is fantastic, so don’t be scared away by “Crackhead Waltz.” If you’re looking for a cool industrial album that got somewhat overlooked, check the entire album out. You won’t be sorry.)


Sneaker Pimps “Wasted Early Sunday Morning”

Finally, a song that I can enjoy! I always dug this band. They have such a cool sound. Not as dark as contemporaries such as Portishead and Tricky, but they still have an awesome sound. The title is such a great representation of the way the song makes you feel. Seriously, put this song on repeat for a couple of spins and you will begin to feel like you just slammed a tall boy. Well, maybe not a tall boy. Definitely something a little sexier than that. I dunno….a martini? Bloody Mary? Unfortunately, they got huge with their song “Six Underground” and were never really heard from again. They have a few albums that came out after this one (that are honestly just as good) but they are harder than shit to find here in the States.


Rancid “Harry Bridges”

Sometimes, I think about how cool it must be to be Tim Armstrong. Dude has pretty much done everything that a musician would want to do. He was in Operation Ivy and he started Rancid. He’s worked with guys like Joe Strummer and Jimmy Cliff. He founded his own record label, Hellcat Records. That’s a pretty badass pedigree if you ask me! But what makes Tim Armstrong really fucking cool is the way he sings. It’s more of a melodic mumble. I always wondered if he talked like that. You think if you called up Tim Armstrong and asked if he wanted to get a beer he would just be like “yeeeeeaaaaaah meeee mmeeeeee ahhhhh dddda baaaaaahhhrr. Seeeeyaaaa in fiiiiiiieeeeevvveee.” Fucking rad.



WINNER OF THE WEEK: Rancid is by far my favorite band on the list this week, but I’m gonna go with the Sneaker Pimps track. I always forget how much I really enjoy them.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Under most circumstances, I would say Pernice Brothers, but knowing that people actually like the Ravonettes makes me hate that song even more.

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