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Shuffle Sunday (1/13/13)

Back so soon huh? Feels like I just did some shufflin’ just the other day. Wait…..I guess that’s because I did! In case you missed the last edition (which came on Thursday night) go and check it out. Why? Cause it was an awsome selection of songs. I can only hope that this edition turns out just as good.


DJ Shadow “You Made It”

When I’m hanging out at home, I usually put Itunes on shuffle and just let it play throughout the day. Because I have collected so much music, I hear some things I know, but the majority of what I hear is new to me. Throughout the years, I have assembled a fairly large swath of work from DJ Shadow, in spite of never actually seeking it out. As a result, his music comes on fairly regularly. Honestly, sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that DJ Shadow is behind some of the tracks I enjoy. Sad to say, this is not one of those tracks. In fact, this song is really quite boring. I’m sure that it’s meant to be listened too as part of a whole album and not as a stand alone track. Unfortunately, that shit doesn’t fly in the Shuffle Sunday world.


Atmosphere “The Jackpot/Swept Away”

Minnesota has done some really cool things for music over the years. Of course, Prince pretty much reigns supreme from the area (I don’t think you can be a human being and not enjoy at least one Prince song), but Atmosphere is definitely up there on my list. Slug is one of the few MC’s in hip-hop that writes content that is actually easy to relate to. You can tell the dude talks about what he knows, which is everyman kinda shit. I mean, if I knew about Rolls Royce, money and hustlin’ I sure as hell wouldn’t be wasting my time writing this. That being said, the element that really set’s Atmosphere apart from the rest is Ant, the man behind the music. I don’t think there is a more unique and enjoyable producer in hip-hop. Dude is the real deal. His beats can make even the worst MC listenable.


Coleman Hawkins “Blue Moon”

I love this song! Coleman Hawkins is one of my favorite saxophone players from this era. Just listen to the part in this song when he comes in around the 1:20 mark. I don’t think there is really anything I can say that would add benefit to this song, so just kick back and listen to three minutes of perfection.


Hot Chip “We’re Looking For a Lot of Love”

It’s funny, because this is normally not my type of song, but coming off that Coleman Hawkins track, it really kind of works. It seems like a logical step to bring us back from the 1930’s. I feel like I just time traveled or something! The deeper I get into this song, the more I really dig it. I think this may be a band that I should check out further. Does anyone have any favorite tracks of theirs that I should look in to? Are all of them this nice? Do they all make you feel like you just smoked hash? Let me know people!


Starflyer 59 “All The Time”

I’ll be the first to admit that I am (somewhat unfairly) biased against early to mid 90’s alternative rock. Too many of the bands sound generic and there isn’t much to differentiate one from another. My initial thought upon hearing this track was that Starflyer 59 would be one of those bands. I enjoyed the track enough, but I figured the rest of their album would be chock full of mid tempo “rockers” and dork ballads. I broke the rules for Shuffle Sunday and skipped around the rest of the album, and wouldn’t you know, it’s pretty cool. A good majority of the record sits in the same vein as this song, and honestly, that’s not a bad thing.



WINNER OF THE WEEK: I was tempted to give it to Starflyer 59, but I have to go with Atmosphere. Slug and Ant are the shit.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Definitely the DJ Shadow song. I know I’m gonna catch shit for that, but whatever. Maybe I’m just not introspective or cool enough to understand how that song is good.

What do you think? What is your favorite song of the week? Least favorite? Let me know in the comments section below, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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