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Shuffle Sunday (10/1/12)

When I was growing up, I always wanted to own my own record store. Record stores are probably the place I’ve spent the most time and money in my adult life. I’ve never been able to distinguish what makes these places so dear to my heart, because they all have a life of their own. Some of em are awesome (Twist and Shout in Denver, Lou’s Records in Encinitas) and others are pretty terrible. But regardless of what they may have to offer, each one has a special place in my heart. Kinda like little churches.

As I got older, I realized that owning a record store was something that just wasn’t feasible. With the advancement of digital technology,  MP3’s and Itunes became the new source of music for most. I tried to resist the notion that music I loved would inevitably just become 0’s and 1’s and stored on a hard drive. The market shifted to a singles based economy and the emphasis on owning an album slowly became obsolete. What about the album artwork and sound quality I asked? Turns out, music nerds like me are a fairly rare breed. Most people just don’t give a shit about that stuff….

So I bought in. I started transferring all of my albums to MP3’s and decided that if I wasn’t going to ever have the opportunity to own a physical record store, I would create my own personal record store. I started swapping hard drives with like-minded friends and after several years, have created a pretty substantial library (eat your heart out RIAA). To the tune of almost 500GB. And you know what? It’s fucking awesome! I get exposure to all sorts of different music that otherwise I wouldn’t have known about. Sure, I suppose I could achieve the same effect through Pandora or Spotify, but there is something about “owning” and tagging your own library. Maybe I’m just a hoarder that suffers from ADD. Who knows?

I still go to record stores and buy releases from all of my favorite artists, or if there is something that catches my ear, I’ll gladly drop the cash for it. Having a huge digital library is just another way of loving and experiencing music.

Every Sunday, I’m gonna write a column called Shuffle Sunday. I’m gonna load up that big bastard of a library, hit shuffle and talk about the first 5 songs that play. Maybe I’ll talk about the artist or the album, or maybe I’ll just make shit up. Some of it may be funny. Some of it may be really boring. But it will always be unpredictable. It’ll be fun for me and hopefully for you too. It could help introduce you to or remind you of an artist that you may have overlooked. So without further ado….


Sublime “Saw Red (Acoustic)”

The original version of this song was great. Gwen Stefani was the hotness on this jam. Brad was a talented dude, but I could never completely get into this band. Maybe cause I don’t surf and don’t smoke weed? I dunno. It’s decent enough. After Brad died, all the releases (this one included) just seemed like a desperate cash grab on part of the label, band, estate….who knows? I mean have you ever seen a picture of these guys? Really. Fucking. Fat. They needed to get nachos somehow.


Led Zeppelin “Tangerine”

So I will be the first to admit that I don’t really know enough about Led Zepplin. Classic rock was never a big deal in my house growing up. This song seems pretty alright though. I dig that guitar solo. Funnily enough, this was actually one of the first albums I ever got. I was in 4th grade and for my Birthday one of my friends gave me this tape. His parents were pretty cool people and introduced him to the classics early on. At that time, I didn’t really understand. I just wanted to rock out on some of that Free Willy Soundtrack. I kept the tape though. I used it to try and look cool in High School…..and failed.


Reverend Horton Heat “It’s Martini Time”

Oh fuck yes. This is one of my favorite bands of all time! Anytime Al Jourgensen (Ministry) produces one of your records, it’s probably gonna be pretty good. The main riff in this song is so goddamn good too! Only Jim Heath could figure out how to make his guitar sound drunk. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live countless times. Some of the best shows ever. You can find dancing, moshing, crowd surfing and a shitload of drinking. Last time I saw them, I took down about 6 oilcans of Foster’s and danced with a homeless dude. If you see em live, call in to work the next day. You’ll need it.


Air “People In The City”

Again, I really don’t know a whole bunch about this band. They did the soundtrack for Virgin Suicides right? This song is kinda cool. I imagine I would really like to listen to this if I was studying for something or sneaking around. This sounds like a pretty good creeper soundtrack. The beginning of this song sounds like peeking in a strangers window. Gross.


Cannibal Corpse “Skewered From Eye To Ear”

Huh. Ok shuffle, way to start this out. I’m a huge metal fan, but I could never fully get into full on death metal like this. It just seems too funny to take serious. I suppose that you shouldn’t really take a band too serious that writes songs with titles like this one though. I appreciate the musicianship that these bands offer, but it just feels like too much. Talking about all the horrible ways to die and murder and yadda yadda yadda. Just seems stale. Cannibal Corpse is kinda like that shitty friend you have in High School that always threatens to bang your Mom. The first time you hear it, it’s funny but every time after that is just annoying. Album art is cool though. Zombies are rad.


Alright, that’s it. I had fun writing about stuff that I normally wouldn’t. I hope you had fun reading it. Until next Sunday……

WINNER OF THE WEEK: The Reverend Horton Heat song takes the cake! Great band, great song and great live show if you ever get the chance.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: I’m gonna have to say Cannibal Corpse. Not cause I don’t like it, but because I like it the least.

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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