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Shuffle Sunday (7/7/13)

When you load up your Itunes and hit shuffle, what comes up? It could be good, it could be bad or anywhere in between. Shuffle Sunday is a look at what happens when I load up my library and hit play. Hopefully it will introduce you to a new artist you like, remind you of an old favorite or maybe just give you a good laugh! So without further ado, let’s see what Shuffle has in store this week…..


Tom Waits “What’s He Building?”

I’ve never been a huge Tom Waits fan, but I always appreciate his music. Every time he comes up on Shuffle, I never go out of my way to change it, but I never really indulge in it either. But this “song” changed it all for me. This is easily one of the most unsettling and disturbing tracks I’ve ever heard. From the hyper paranoid narrative to the creepy ambient noises in the background, this song is like a 3 minute horror movie, full of suspense and (potentially) terror. The album cover for Mule Variations is equally striking. This album just got moved up on my “listen to immediately” list.


Cypress Hill “Tres Equis”

Wow, what a stark contrast from that Tom Waits track. I love the sound of this song, but I don’t speak Spanish, so I have no idea what exactly is going on here. Judging by the other songs in Cypress Hill’s discography, surely it has something to do with “steppin to a motherfucker” or smoking a blunt the size of your forearm. Or maybe this track is about how much B-Real really likes his pet kitty, who he brushes and pets every chance he gets. Who knows? Any of my Spanish speaking friends wanna help out with this one?


Helmet “Milquetoast”

I’ve always wondered how Page Hamilton has made it this far in life without popping all the blood vessels in his eyes. Dude always looks like he’s on the verge of passing out when he’s singing, which somehow, just makes him (and Helmet) that much cooler. I don’t really feel like they’ve gotten proper dues for how innovative they’ve been throughout their career. They really helped push the sound of new metal (for better or worse) before it even really existed. Not to mention that their guitar tones are always top notch, and the band (or Page) is an absolute riff factory! Helmet may be one of the most underrated “heavy” bands of this generation.


Ali Farka Toure “Kenouna”

Not too long ago, I discovered the music of Ali Farka Toure. Coming from the African country Mali, Toure was one of the continents most accomplished and well respected musicians before his passing in 2006. While his music is rooted in blues, there are a bunch of different elements that made his music really stand out. Again, I’ve got absolutely no idea what he’s singing about, but, unlike the Cypress Hill song, I don’t really care. Just the sound of his voice and music is good enough for me. If your looking for a good album to play on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I would recommend this one with the highest confidence.


Johnny Cash “Were You There”

I love Cash, but this song is not really my cup of tea. It reminds me of being a kid and going to church with my parents, something I never really came to appreciate. I guess old wounds die hard huh? It seems strange that this song is coming from an album that’s filled with Johnny’s hits and titled The Essential Johnny Cash. I wonder if this was just an extra track tacked on at the end to fill it out, or maybe someone at the record company just really dug this song. Shit, who knows, maybe Johnny insisted it was on there. Either way, I’m not that in to it.  Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time in the South or in any chapel, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before today. Quite honestly, I’m not really upset by that.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: I liked all of the songs, but that Tom Waits track is just too unnerving to not give it the win.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: It feels strange to put the Man In Black in this column, but his song is clearly the weakest of the bunch.

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