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Shuffle Sunday (7/28/13)

When you load up your Itunes and hit shuffle, what comes up? It could be good, it could be bad or anywhere in between. Shuffle Sunday is a look at what happens when I load up my library and hit play. Hopefully it will introduce you to a new artist you like, remind you of an old favorite or maybe just give you a good laugh! So without further ado, let’s see what Shuffle has in store this week…..


Phoenix “Embuscade”

Like most other people (I assume) I discovered Phoenix a few years back when they blew up and had one of their songs on a car commercial. At the time, I really just figured they were a new band, but that song came from their fourth album and after over 10 years as a band! This track comes from their debut album, and as you can hear, it’s a pretty stark contrast compared to what we all know today. This isn’t a bad song per say, it’s just kind of boring. It sounds like a song you would hear on a smooth jazz AM station. Again, not bad, just not really my thing.


Eagles “Life In The Fast Lane”

Is it just me, or do The Eagles operate in a sort of musical grey area? I mean, they’ve sold a metric shit ton of albums, they sell out every tour, and have gone on to have successful solo projects. I mean, they’ve sold over 32 million copies of Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975). OK, now I challenge you to think of someone you know personally that fucking loves the Eagles. You know, goes to shows, gets every album, buys Eagles shirts…that kind of fan. Can’t do it can you? I don’t think there are many intense Eagles fans out there aside from old dorks in dad jeans rocking out, but I doubt there are over 32 million of them. So where is their success coming from? I smell conspiracy….


N’Sync “No Strings Attached”

Good fucking lord, speaking of albums that sold a ton of copies, how about this little gem right here? I never liked this type of music back when it was popular, and I really don’t like it now. It’s just so processed. And it’s not even really that good. Listen to the dude singing the first verse. It sounds so forced, like he’s just doing it to get paid (which he probably was. Shit, I would.) NSYNC is like the Mom version of the Eagles. If these guys ever get back together, they will be making Mom’s across the country go fucking banana’s. All those girls that were 15 when this record came out are in their 30’s now with some kids in tow. I’m sure they would kill for a night out like this. NSYNC could charge hundreds for a single seat and still sell out the venue. Sigh….sometimes I really fucking hate music.


¬†Radiohead “Killer Cars”

Anyone who’s read my blog for a bit knows that I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Radiohead. Even the band managed to take notice. But the one thing I’ve always admired about Radiohead is just how prolific they are, especially in their early days. My brother is a huge Radiohead fan and he collected every single that the band released for The Bends and OK Computer, no small feat seeing as there were like 30 of them! “Killer Cars” is a fun song and really one of the last songs that Radiohead was in a traditional rock format. Certainly, this song isn’t the pinnacle of their output or anything, but it’s a cool listen, especially because most casual fans probably haven’t heard it.


Fletcher Henderson “Alabama Stomp”

Fletcher Henderson was such a badass. Along with others, Henderson really bridged the gap from old ragtime songs to swing jazz. “Alabama Stomp” kind of falls somewhere between the two and elements of both can be heard. On top of that, Fletch worked with damn near everyone, including Louis Armstrong and Coleman Hawkins, and later went on to arrange for Benny Goodman. Talk about a true heavyweight of the jazz age!


WINNER OF THE WEEK: I like the Fletcher Henderson song the most, but I’ve been too hard on Radiohead in the past. I really like em (and this song) so they win!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Do you really need to ask? NSYNC sucked in 2000 and they still suck now.

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