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Shuffle Sunday (3-2-14)

When you load up your iTunes and hit shuffle, what comes up? It could be good, it could be bad or anywhere in between. Shuffle Sunday is a look at what happens when I load up my library and hit play. Hopefully it will introduce you to a new artist you like, remind you of an old favorite or maybe just give you a good laugh! So without further ado, let’s see what Shuffle has in store this week…..


Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf”

Oh OK. Apparently it’s gonna be this kind of day. These guys were just a shade before my time, so I don’t think I really ever got the chance to appreciate them. I remember seeing their videos on MTV (remember that) when I was a kid, but over and above that, I didn’t really get to know them until well after they were out of the limelight. I guess that probably contributes to my general apathy and disregard for these guys. I can’t believe they have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. They must’ve bribed someone with a whole shitload of coke to get that.


Grizzly Bear “Disappearing Act”

I keep being told by people how awesome this band is, but everytime I try and get down, I hear songs like this. Now that’s not to say that this is explicitly bad or anything, because it isn’t. It’s just really…well, bland. What do you think their conversation was like when they were recording this song? “Alright lads, let’s get in there and fuss around with our instruments for a few minutes. Don’t forget to throw in some feedback. I’ll turn up the reverb and moan about some stuff for awhile. Sound good?” Again, I don’t necessarily dislike this but I do prefer music that goes somewhere, not just a track that sounds like Ian Curtis’ ghost dry-sexing a hipster.


Converge “In Her Blood”

Alright, ask and you shall receive! I’ve never been a huge follower of Converge, but I’ve always kind of admired them from afar. Everytime I hear them, I always dig it but I never actively seek em out. After listening to this track though, I think that needs to change. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about these guys live, so that’s definitely something I should seek out too. Maybe I should just stop talking about checking out Converge and just finally do it…


Soper Aeturnus

Oh man. Where do I even start when it comes to this? When I was a teenager, I used to but a magazine that used to specialize in goth/industrial type music (they are no longer around) and inside one of the issues was a sticker for the new Soper Aeturnus album. I remember being transfixed by the imagery. It was so morbid and otherworldly. Really fucking cool to a 15 year old dork. I put that sticker on my car without ever hearing an ounce of their music. When I finally did check them out, I was shocked. It wasn’t anything like I had expected. It sounded like Dead Can Dance but really….really dramatic. I didn’t dislike it, but my musical palate wasn’t mature enough to really appreciate it. Here I am now some 17 years later, and I’m still not sure my tastes line up with this, but it makes for an interesting (read melodramatic) four minutes.


Biffy Clyro “Trumpet or Tap”

I don’t know a damn thing about these guys other than the fact that they are absolutely massive over in Europe. Maybe it’s just England. To my best knowledge, this is the first time I’ve ever heard them before. I don’t know if this is the best song to start with from them though. To me, it sounds like a strange combination of Muse and Fall Out Boy or something. Kind of just a-typical stadium rock. Am I wrong about that? Point me in the right direction. Let me know what I need to hear that’ll blow my socks off. I know how much Trent Reznor likes these guys, but I’m willing to give em a chance.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: Converge is rad, but I already knew that, so I’m gonna go with Soper. Intrigued would be the correct word here.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: In spite of the fact that everyone loves em, I’m gonna say Grizzly Bear. I just don’t get it.

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