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Shuffle Sunday (12-22-2013)

When you load up your Itunes and hit shuffle, what comes up? It could be good, it could be bad or anywhere in between. Shuffle Sunday is a look at what happens when I load up my library and hit play. Hopefully it will introduce you to a new artist you like, remind you of an old favorite or maybe just give you a good laugh! So without further ado, let’s see what Shuffle has in store this week…..


Nine Inch Nails “24 Ghosts III”

When this record came out, I wasn’t too sure what to make of it. Trent has always been a master at creating soundscapes, but four full albums of it seemed like a little bit of overkill. Over time, I really came to appreciate the album, especially thanks to songs like this one. It’s one of only a handful of songs that really “rock”, making it seem more like a b-side of a proper Nails song instead of an ambient mood piece. I always wondered what the vocal sample on this track is, so if anyone knows, feel free to fill me in.


Dave Matthews Band “#34”

Dave Matthews always seems to catch a fair amount of shit, but I could never really understand why. He’s a great songwriter and his band is full of musicians that really excel at their craft. Go check out some videos of his drummer Carter Beauford and you’ll see what I’m saying. Dude is a beast on the kit. I suppose this song doesn’t really back up any of my aforementioned claims cause really, this song is kind of dull, but listen through some of their records and you’ll get my point.


Usher “Love You Gently”

I used to really like Usher. Dude made some really solid albums, but unfortunately I haven’t really kept up with anything he’s done in the last few years. I’m sure he’s still doing alright, but it does kind of seem like he fell off. Maybe due to the fact that he is partially responsible for bringing Justin Bieber into prominence? Although, I’m sure Usher doesn’t give a shit cause he’s probably laughing all the way to the bank. Besides, he still writes songs like this one, so I’m sure he’s doin alright.


Thrice “T&C”

I thought I liked Thrice, but this song is a total turd. I hated this style of music when it first started coming around. Shitty ripoff Judas Priest riffs and the sensitive guy screaming about some bullshit during the verses. It’s just so fucking lame sounding. But again, I thought I liked Thrice. Every time they have come on in the past, I’ve always dug it. Turns out this song is from their debut album and from there, they just got better and better. Seriously, their record Vheissu is incredible. I guess these guys just took a minute to grow into their britches, but they did just that, cause outside of their debut, they are a really solid band.


Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot “No Remorse (I Wanna Die)”

Fuck yes! The Spawn Soundtrack was so god damn cool when it came out. The pairing of “electronic” artists with “heavy” artists was such a cool juxtaposition and one that was rarely heard outside of “industrial” music at the time. Whoever paired up Atari Teenage Riot with Slayer was brilliant cause those are two of the heaviest bands out there (different styles of course). I get the feeling that this soundtrack helped push people to discover new bands and sounds that they never really considered checking out before.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: I really love NIN, but I’m gonna go with ATR & Slayer. That song is just too fucking heavy!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Again, I really dig later Thrice, but that song is so lame.

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