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Shuffle Sunday (11-4-12)

I’m posting this one a day early. Why you ask? Cause I’m busy tomorrow and don’t wanna sit on it. I like giving you all something for the weekend. Besides, on Sunday everyone is watching football. Which is cool, but no one wants to read about music when they are halfway up Peyton Manning’s ass (myself included).Nothing fancy here. If you don’t know the drill already, then you are out of the loop! Hope this week is good, but I don’t think anything can top the awesomeness of last week (seriously Carly Comando!) Right. So check it out:


Jon Brion “Moana Chimes”

I have been meaning to sit down and listen to this album for ages! Jon is also responsible for the score to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which is amazing) and a litany of other great film scores. He has also produced and helped out on some pretty amazing records throughout the years. This song here certainly doesn’t tarnish his reputation in my book. This song reminds me of hanging out in Hawaii which is cool cause I was drinking Lava Flows the whole time, so I don’t remember much. Definitely digging the vibe of this song and I’m gonna move it up my list of full albums to listen to. Given his past output, I’m sure I’ll love it. However……If you ever get a chance to see the movie this soundtrack was made for, you should probably skip it. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it, but it made me really fucking confused and I felt weird after seeing it. This movie and the movie Gummo will make you feel like you just dropped a 10 strip of acid. But this isn’t about movies so I’ll shut up.


Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins “The Big Guns”

Wow! This is the second song in a row where the past output of an artist dictates how I feel about what I’m hearing. So, Jenny Lewis was the front woman (that always sounds weird to me. front lady? leading she? best bitch? I dunno.) of a band named Rilo Kiley. Now, that band kicked some serious ass, so unfortunately, I’m sure that will influence my feelings on this song and album. I have always really enjoyed Jenny’s voice. It sounds all sexy and powerful. When she sings, it feels like she’s trying to get all sexy with your ears until she punches you in the neck. Kinda awesome. Now this song here is alright. I dig the lyrics and the melody (and her sexy-violent voice), but there is one thing that is just not cool. The folk-style “four on the floor” kick drum and hi-hat thing is such bullshit. I know this came out years ago, but Mumford and Sons seriously ruined that whole bit for me. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s just the style for a genre, but I don’t need to hear it every five fucking minutes. Every time I hear that in a song, I can’t help but to think how much more it would rock if the drummer just kicked some ass. Oh well. I’m gonna have to check this record out more. You probably should too.


Goldfinger “20 Cent Goodbye

Hell yes! I discovered this band when I was young cause they were on the soundtrack for that Tony Hawk game (which by the way, I will fucking destroy you if you play me). I went out and bought this album because of that game and instantly loved it. This is still one of the albums that I can jam from beginning to end! This song in particular is pretty great. At the time, I could really relate to it. The song talks about a girl not answering her phone when you call her (bear in mind, I was busy playing Tony Hawk at the time. Girls hated me and my virtual skateboarding skills). Goldfinger has continued to release amazing records ever since then. They even made me think about issues bigger than chick not digging me. Like eating meat. I tried to stop doing that, but it only lasted for about a week. In spite of Goldfinger being one of my favorite bands, I have never seen em live. It seems like they only make it to Denver during the Warped Tour. Sooooo yeah, Goldfinger. You guys should really change that. Like soon.


Lenny Kravitz “Bank Robber Man”

Lenny Kravitz always seems to catch a fair amount of shit, and I could never figure out why. Dude can tear up a guitar and write a pretty mean riff. I’ve always really liked Lenny. I remember being a kid and thinking that I totally needed to get some dreads like he used to have back in the day. Then I realized that I’m a ginger and that shit just wouldn’t fly. I always thought that partying with Lenny would be pretty fun. He’d probably smoke you up on some great weed and want to talk about the sweet chairs in his house. Then I’m pretty sure he would try to paint a picture of you or something. But that’s cool cause it’s fucking Lenny Kravitz and Lenny does what Lenny wants. Also, he had that hot chick with the fro playing drums in his band, which just made him that much cooler. This song here is pretty alright. It’s kind of just a standard Lenny Kravitz song. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bad-ass guitar solo, end. If you don’t like Lenny to begin with, then you probably won’t really like this song. But if not, you’re missing out on some great walking riffs.


Living Legends “Fill My Drink”

What a boring ass way to end Shuffle Sunday. Living Legends are cool enough, but in a pinch I don’t think I would ever turn to one of their records. Not that I don’t like it, but it just feels like everything else. I feel like this is the kind of record you would hear at a house party. It’s the kind of song that you would never pay attention to enough to appreciate, but maybe you aren’t supposed to. I mean, I am sitting here trying to debate the artistic merit of a record called “Fill My Drink”. Which is probably where I am going wrong. Fuck this. I’m gonna ditch my coffee for some Jager and listen to this again when I’m good and sloppy. I’ll let you know the results next time……


Ok, so I was wrong. This week was better than last week. I actually really liked all of the artists on the docket today. I think my computer appreciated all of the cleaning I did this week. Or maybe I just have impeccable taste in music. Or maybe I’m just completely full of shit…..

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Shiiiiiiiit. This is a really hard choice this week. I’m probably gonna have to go with Goldfinger although Lenny Kravitz is a really close second.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Just because I’m not drunk, I’m gonna go with Living Legends.

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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