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Shuffle Sunday (10/27/2012)

Hooray! I’m back on a normal schedule. My lady is back home from Europe and I’m ready to get this shuffle business on the road….errr…speakers…whatever.

Look, you know that I love discovering new music and Shuffle Sunday is a good way to remind me of things I haven’t heard in a while. But in order for this to really work, it needs to be reciprocal. If you read something and it reminds you of a band or song, tell me! It’s not fun if I’m just shoutin’ and cussin’ at you all the time!

So with that request, here we go, right on schedule!


Johannes Brahms “Hungarian Dance #15”

I totally dig classical music, but Brahms has never been high on my list of composers. I’m not really sure why he hasn’t gotten more attention from me though. I suppose classical music (as a whole music snobs) is really a mood music for me. I really enjoy it when I’m writing. I also really like it when I’m relaxing or reading. I guess those things just don’t work into my daily life as much as they should. If this piece is indicative of the work as a whole though, I think I should check it out further. This song makes me want to put on a powdered wig and escort my sweetheart to the ball. Or frolic in the fields of Europe whilst enjoying a good nip of brandy. Good Day!

The Bird and the Bee “How Deep Is Your Love?”

So I don’t really think this band did this song any justice. Not necessarily because they are a bad band or boring or anything, but because the original song was already perfect. I’m not the world’s biggest Bee Gee’s fan or anything, but when they did this song, everything came together perfectly. The vocal melody in this jam is one of the best ever. I’ve always been of the opinion that certain songs should just not be touched and this is one of them (unless you are John Frusciante, then you can do whatever the hell you want). I would have liked some more instrumentation out of this version too. Minimalist pop music is usually kind of bland and this version of a classic song is no exception.


Carly Commando “Interrupt”

Oh fuck yes!!! This entire record is flat out amazing! If you’re in to solo piano pieces with little (if any) other instrumentation, this should be one of the first albums you go out and buy. In fact, if you’re into instrumental music at all, go buy this. Fuck that, buy two of em! You may recognize the song “Everyday” from either that dude Noah’s YouTube video or as the NBA’s theme music from a few years ago. That’s how I discovered this. I wanted to be like Michael or Kobe and just jump around and smash balls in dude’s faces all the time. Then I realized I’m white and 5’11”. So there went that dream. Instead of making “amazing happen” on the court, I just bought this album and dreamed about it. In all honesty though, this could be one of my favorite albums ever. Certainly the best that Shuffle Sunday has ever seen. I entirely recommend this.


Bad Religion “All Fantastic Images”

Bad Religion is one of those band’s that I’ve always really respected. Although they always follow a pretty predictable formula for all of their records, they are always entertaining at the very least. Admittedly though, I find this song kind of bland. Can’t win em all I guess. I think what I really appreciate about Bad Religion is what they have accomplished outside of the band. Brett founded Epitaph Records which helped me discover countless amazing bands and albums throughout the years. Singer Greg Graffin is a part time professor at UCLA and gets degrees like Michael Jackson used to get facelifts. Oh, and he writes books. How fucking cool is that? If Bad Religion was a shitty band, those things would make up for it. But Bad Religion is a great band, so those things just make them that much cooler. Oh, and they have the best band logo probably of all time.


Paul McCartney “The Lover’s That Never Were”

I’m gonna catch so much shit for this, but Paul McCartney kind of sucks. When he had the Beatles, he was great. Without them, not so much. It’s so hard for me to say that I don’t like his solo stuff because I absolutely loved his work with the Beatles. Paul is responsible (at least partially) for some of the best rock songs of all time. The thing is, that he couldn’t swing it on his own (Wings doesn’t count). It’s not unique to Paul either. Elton John keeps pumping out records, but can you name more than a handful of songs since 1994? How bout Roger Waters? He’s experiencing somewhat of a renaissance right now, but only due to playing The Wall in concert, a record over 30 years old. Billy Joel on the other hand did it the right way. After releasing his final record River of Dreams, he said “fuck it”. Look, I have nothing but respect and adoration for these musicians, and I love a bunch of their work, but they should really consider taking it easy.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: I like most of the songs this week, but Carly Comando is gonna take the win for me here. This song (and entire album) is just too good not to give it to her!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Almost said The Bird And The Bee, but it’s going to Sir Paul. That song was just too bland for me. I wonder how many music blogs are gonna give Paul a thumbs down?

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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