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Shuffle Sunday (10/14/12)

Right. Round three is officially underway! I’m really hoping for some better results this week than what I got last week. In case you didn’t read last week’s installment, my Itunes was acting like a complete dick. Sure, there were some alright tracks involved (Thomas Newman) but overall, it was really lackluster.

The whole point of writing this column is to (re)discover some really good tracks or artists on my part. Hopefully it helps you, the reader, do the same and gives you a good laugh. Last week…..not so much. Let’s all hope that Itunes isn’t such an asshole this time! So without further ado….Shuffle Sunday!!!


They Might Be Giants “The Ballad of Davey Crockett (In Outer Space)”

Oh goddamn you Itunes!!! Terrible fucking start!!! I never really liked this band. They always seemed too “jokey” and tongue-in-cheek for my liking. Look, I understand that music is supposed to encompass all aspects of life, but I can’t stand bands that write “joke” songs. I mean, these dudes are probably really great musicians (after releasing what looks like dozens of albums), and could do something great. Instead they just write lame songs like this. It sounds like a children’s PBS show but for adults. Can you imagine how fucking boring seeing these guys live would be? I imagine it would be a solid mix of old dorks and hipsters. Gross.


Fall Out Boy “Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)”

I’m pretty sure that Itunes is spiting me now by not only giving me lame music, but making me write long goddamn song names on top of it too. Asshole. Anyways… Fall Out Boy. I never really disliked this band, but never really got into em. They were always just kind of….there. I always thought that the singer had a pretty cool voice and a good sense of melody, but above that, Fall Out Boy never really stuck out for me. This song totally sounds like the late 90’s though, so that’s pretty awesome! On a side note (and I am breaking S.S. rules here) Patrick Stump’s (Fall Out Boy singer) solo stuff was funny as all hell. It was like the best white-boy Prince imitation with hip hop beats! It was such a strange record and I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing, but it sure was memorable.


AC/DC “There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin'”

OK, so AC/DC is one of those bands that I never really like until I have some beers. Somehow they morph into the best thing ever after a few tallboys. I would bet that 99.9% of the world would agree with that statement. The lyrical content of this song backs up that statement pretty well too. I’ve listened to it twice now, and all I remember is that “there is gonna be some rockin'”. That’s it. Oh, and that the rockin’ “happens at the show”. It’s a good thing that they threw in that caveat and made sure to let people know that rockin’ only happens “at the show”.  I imagine this song just came on at some dude’s house in West Virginia and he was about to start huffin on some rubber cement to start rockin’ until he realized he wasn’t at the show. See? AC/DC is partying responsibly and saving lives. Good work boys.


Barenaked Ladies “Box Set”

This song is kind of cool. It’s got this weird latin-style flavor that’s pretty cool. Lyrically, this song is fucking incredible! The song is sung from a musicians perspective who is at the end of their career and releasing a career spanning box set. What a great idea and pretty fitting for this column! I wonder if The Barenaked Ladies ever considered that they would one day become the subjects of their own song. Seriously, read the lyrics here. I really hated this band at the height of their popularity, but over time I’ve come to enjoy them every time I hear ’em, for a few reasons. First off, their songs are pretty clever. Even though it’s not necessarily my cup of tea, you can tell they put a lot of thought into their songs. Second, the singer sounds like a robot to me. Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a human voice and it always makes me chuckle. And finally, the fat singer partied like he was in Motley Crue! Dude was busted with a ton of coke and some chicks a few years ago. Way to rock when you don’t really rock you badass!!!


Ludacris “One More Drink”

I’ve always liked Ludacris. He has a great flow and he’s a helluva writer. I always thought he was one of the last really decent mainstream rapper’s to come out. Now a days, rappers just talk over a beat. There is no thought put into the craft anymore. This song may be an exception to the rule though. Luda’s flow is strong, but he brought that nutsack T-Pain along to the party which kinda ruins the song for me. I don’t have anything against T-Pain personally, but his style completely destroyed mainstream hip-hop. It was bad enough that he was on every goddamn song, but then everyone bit his style and got that stupid vocoder effect. Good for T-Pain’s wallet, bad for the world’s ears.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: I’m not much of a lyric guy, but the cleverness in the Barenaked Ladies song is just too cool. They win…..this week.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: They Might Be Giants. The more I hear that song, the more I dislike them. Which is a lot. Grow up dorks.

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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