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Shuffle Sunday (10/13/13)

When you load up your Itunes and hit shuffle, what comes up? It could be good, it could be bad or anywhere in between. Shuffle Sunday is a look at what happens when I load up my library and hit play. Hopefully it will introduce you to a new artist you like, remind you of an old favorite or maybe just give you a good laugh! So without further ado, let’s see what Shuffle has in store this week…..


The Cure “Switch”

I’ve always loved The Cure, but I never really got into this album. It didn’t seem to have a very good flow to it and all of the songs just kind of bled into one another. I remember that the roll out for this record was really weird too. They released (I think) every song as a single with a b-side leading up to the albums release. Seriously, go check out the used bin at your local record store and you’ll undoubtedly find at least a handful of those singles. Kind of a strange way to promote a new record. That being said, if you even remotely like The Cure, make sure to check them out live. Each time I’ve seen them, they’ve played for at least three hours. It’s like running a marathon of sadness. Good times!


Bruce Springsteen “The Last Carnival”

It must be “old guys who play really long shows day” on my Itunes today. I’ve always wanted to see Springsteen live, but have never had the opportunity or extra cash to do so, but from what I understand, dude plays for three to four hours. Pretty damn amazing. And why shouldn’t he? Springsteen has one of the most expansive discographies of many modern American musicians. On top of that, damn near everyone loves him (or at least a handful of his songs.) He’s kind of like America’s version of Elton John, except he kept making great albums when he got older. They call him The Boss for a reason.


Fleet Foxes “He Doesn’t Know Why”

These guys got some pretty big press of a song they put out a few years back. Maybe it was on this album? I’m not too sure. I never do a good job keeping up with “indie” rock bands. I’m always five years late to the party when it comes to that genre. But judging by the sound of this song, I’m not too upset about that. This sounds like a strange mix of Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire and some 50’s doo-wop jam. Now, I’m OK with the last two, but Mumford and Sons is not a favorable thing to be compared to. Using those comparisons and turning them into percentiles, that means this Fleet Foxes song scores a 66% in my book, which firmly places it in the “shit I don’t want to hear again” category (although the little piano ditty at the end was pretty cool. OK, that bumped it up to a 70%)


Madness “Blue Skinned Beast”

Madness is fucking rad, but it’s kinda hard to determine just exactly what type of music they play. Is it ska? Is it new wave? Is it post punk? Hell, parts of their discography (like this song) come across like something you would hear in a musical. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily the best comparison, but Madness is kind of like Meatloaf. Just a bunch of crazy shit all over the place, with no real foreseeable path or future. Most of the time, I have a difficult time with artists that represent such a non-linear sound, but Madness is one of those rare exceptions that I really dig.


Rage Against The Machine “Bulls On Parade”

Alright…alright. I know that everyone who is reading this knows who Rage Against The Machine is. Furthermore, I know that everyone who is reading this has probably heard this song more than once. Those things aside, you can’t honestly tell me that this song doesn’t completely put you on your ass every time it comes on. I could never write anything that would do justice to the musical creativity in Rage, nor would I ever be able to accurately convey the passion and articulation in Zach de la Rocha’s vocals. The guys in this band and their chemistry together really knows no comparison. You may not necessarily agree with all of the viewpoints in their music or politics, but there is no denying that Rage is one of the most explosive rock bands of all time.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: This was a hard choice until that Rage track showed up. As much as I love some of the artist on today’s slate, Rage blew em all away!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: I’m gonna say the Fleet Foxes. That retro hipster video was pretty tough to endure on top of an already mediocre song.

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