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Shuffle Sunday (10/07/12)

Wow! Second edition of Shuffle Sunday is underway! That’s a really good thing. Mostly, because I haven’t gotten too lazy to write this thing, but also because this fancy Google analysis thing tells me that at least a few of you have read this, so that’s a really big start (seriously, thanks for reading this)

The first Shuffle Sunday showed us how Cannibal Corpse is like that asshole friend in High School, why Sublime needed a cash grab for nachos and how Air is the perfect soundtrack to sneak on a person of the opposite sex. Lets see what this week has in store for us………

Count Basie “One O’Clock Jump

This is a great song! If you know anything about me, you know that I love old timey tunes, and I especially love jazz. I’m not gonna sit here and wax philosophical about instrumentation or song writing or time signatures. What I will do is tell you that if you want to learn why music is important and learn why “pop” music sounds like it does today, you should go buy some of the classics. This being one of them. Furthermore, it’s cool to hear how people partied in the 30’s and 40’s. Makes me wanna get all twisted on hot toddy’s and dance with my lady. Good shit.


Bob Holroyd “Something Understood”

Yeah, so this sounds like some down tempo kinda stuff. I can immediately tell that this guy thinks he’s way cooler than he is. This is the kind of song that came out in the early 2000’s when everyone thought that they were the new hotness and all intellectual. And this sure as shit is not. Wait, what the fuck???? Some chick just came on the track speaking some other language. Not singing, just kinda talking about some shit. Not ok. I’ll bet Bob thought that would make him sound “deep”, instead, he just kinda sounds like a douche. Lame song.


NOFX “Go To Work Wasted”

Here’s the thing. I know that I should like NOFX. Fuck that, I should love NOFX. But for whatever reason, I could never really get into em. I’ve got a bunch of their records, but they never found their way into heavy rotation. Fat Mike seems like a cool dude, but really. How angry can you be at everything???? Authority, the government, work….etc. etc. It just seems kinda tired. I dunno. Whatever. I’ve got some friends who’ll kneecap me if I talk shit, so I’m just gonna end it here.


Thomas Newman “Road To Perdition”

Fuck yes!!! This ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK is the jam for all the folks who love soundtracks and instrumentals. Some of my favorite instrumental pieces of all time come off this record. And it’s not just this one either. Newman rocks on just about anything he composes. Check out all of his other records if you dig soundtracks. As far as this song is concerned (aside from being from the greatest movie of all time), you can really feel the tension in the song. Seriously, you don’t believe me??? Plug this shit into your Ipod and just imagine Jude Law, fucked up face and all, chasing you through the midwest. Builds up the suspense like whoa and makes you wanna run away!


Soul Coughing “The Idiot Kings”

I never payed much attention to Soul Coughing. I always just kinda figured they were one of those late 90’s bands that did some shit, but for some reason, they never really stopped. This song has an alright bass line to it. Sorta funky and a good rhythm. The singer keeps repeating that everything is gonna be “fine fine fine” and I really don’t believe him. Sounds like a dude that’s trying to convince himself that he is still relevant or fun. Neither of which he really convinced me of. I guess there’s nothing more to this song than…..meh.

So that’s it. Kinda a weird mix for the second week doing this. Punk Rock, Soundtracks and some lame-ass elevator music from Bob Holroyd. Maybe I said something to my Itunes that pissed it off, cause it fed me a fairly strange and steady diet of bullshit this week. I’ll try to sweet talk my computer into giving me more exciting material for next week. But until then……

WINNER OF THE WEEK: This weeks victory goes to Thomas Newman. His soundtrack work is easily some of the best that can be found.

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Bob Holroyd. That song sucked.

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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