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Shuffle Sunday (06/16/13)

When you load up your Itunes and hit shuffle, what comes up? It could be good, it could be bad or anywhere in between. Shuffle Sunday is a look at what happens when I load up my library and hit play. Hopefully it will introduce you to a new artist you like, remind you of an old favorite or maybe just give you a good laugh! So without further ado, let’s see what Shuffle has in store this week…..


Smashing Pumpkins “Pissant”

I’ll never understand why Billy Corgan catches so much shit. Dude has done more for popular music that most of his contemporaries. I guess people are still wrapped up in the whole lineup change thing, but Billy wrote 95% of the bands songs in the first place. Really, the biggest loss for that band was Jimmy Chamberlain, but the new kid that drums for them is pretty solid. In case you’ve forgotten just how awesome the Pumpkins are, just check out this track. It’s fucking solid through and through, and the band is still putting out amazing songs to this day.


Weezer “This Is Such a Pity”

To me, Weezer always sounded like a band that could be incredible, but never quite lived up to their potential, with the exception of a handful of songs. This track is a perfect example of that. How does it make you feel? Personally, I’m just bored by this. It sounds like generic rock music. If listening to it is this lame, how do you think writing it went? I would bet money that Rivers didn’t rush into the studio when they recorded this and talk about the fucking awesome riff he wrote or the great chorus. Instead, I bet the record company was like “we need another song” and this turd got stapled on the the album. It’s a shame too, cause if Weezer just tried harder, I bet they would be really great.


The Clash “The Cool Out”

Joe Strummer was such a cool fucking guy and the Clash were one of the most innovative and awe-inspiring bands of their time. Seriously, look back to the 70’s and 80’s and think about what most other “punk rock” bands were doing at the time, then listen to The Clash. There is really no comparison. And what really blows my mind is how they maintained their punk rock cred (so to speak) all while experimenting with different styles of music and new sounds. Even though this song is nothing spectacular, it’s still an interesting listen some 30 years later.


Bone Thugs-n-Harmony “Mo’ Murda”

This is the jam right here. Back when Bone Thugs started getting some airplay, there was a pretty big split in hip-hop between East coast and West coast. Even though these guys were associated with Eazy-E they seemed really fresh and without any sort of agenda (other than smoking a metric shit ton of weed and rapping really fucking fast.) Honestly, it was really refreshing at the time, and this album is still really fun. I haven’t really kept up with these guys, but this record will always stand the test of time in my book.


Widespread Panic “Party at Your Mama’s House”

Living in Colorado, I’ve had to endure a few too many summers chock full of jam band bullshit. I really just don’t understand the appeal behind this kind of music. It’s so fucking boring. I would be an idiot to question the bands musicianship, because clearly they are insanely talented, but I can’t fathom what would posses someone to write a song like this. I mean, when you listen to this, what comes to mind? It sounds like a backing track for a nature show on T.V. to me. Like it’s the theme song for the life-span of a salmon’s journey upstream. Who knows, maybe I just haven’t dropped enough acid in my lifetime to appreciate this boring hippie bullshit.



WINNER OF THE WEEK: I love the Pumpkins, but “Mo Murda” is just too good of a song to pass by! Bone Thugs wins!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: You are so fucking lucky Widespread Panic showed up and saved your ass Weezer. If there’s anything I hate more than shitty rock music, its shitty hippie music.

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