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Shuffle Sunday (03/09/13)

Sunny Day Real Estate “Disappear”

Sunny Day Real Estate always seemed like a band that I should really know more about, but I never really got around to enjoying. Knowing how much I love the Foo Fighters, it kind of seems like a no-brainer that I would enjoy these guys, seeing as Nate and William are part of it. I feel like this song is as good of a starting point as any. Judging by just this song, they seem like they could be a pretty decent band. Great chorus in this song. I’m not too sure about the lead singers voice though. That may not jive with me too well, in the same way The Mars Volta doesn’t work so well with my ears. I’ll be quiet about that though because both of these bands have insanely devout followings and pretty sure they would eat me alive if I talked some shit.


Brand New “The Shower Scene”

It’s like the attack of the emo bands today! I really got into this band for a minute after their second record came out, but I’ve fallen off the bandwagon since. It’s not that I dislike it, but it just sounds so flat. This song particular just doesn’t make me feel anything and that’s worse than if I were to hate it. It feels like a wasted two minutes. I’ve always been told that these guys were really great lyrically. Thing is, I can’t get around how boring the rest of the track is to really give a shit about what this dude is saying. To me, this sounds like a punk rock song that forgot to bring it’s balls to the studio. Just really uninspired songwriting here. I guess Itunes is gonna just make me hate on emo today.


Pixies “Tame”

Alright, I can get on board with this right here. Pixies are fucking rad. When they got back together a few years back, I wanted to go to the show, but it was a shitload of money, so I decided to pass. Kind of a shame, because I hear they are really great live. My introduction to this band (like so much other great music) was from my sister Kelly. She was rocking out to the Surfer Rosa album when I was probably 13 or so. I remember she tried to show me the album, and I feigned interest because there were boobs on the cover of the record. At the time, I didn’t realize how great the music was that I was hearing. I was focused. Zeroed in on the boobs. Never underestimate the power of tits on a pubescent teenager. Hell, I would’ve listened to just about anything if the cover art had naked chicks. I’m just glad the band was as good as their album art.


Cream “Pressed Rat and Warthog”

Jesus Christ. I’m pretty sure you have to be high to understand what the hell is going on with this track. Who the hell is pressed rat and why are they selling atonal apples? This track sounds more like a spoken word piece laid over top of a really strange instrumental track. Not really indicative of Cream’s musicality. The badass drumming from Ginger Baker is there and a blistering solo from Clapton rounds out the track, but the slow start and crazy lyrics kind of make this song a drag. Without some acid, I don’t know that I’ll ever fully understand this one.


Pearl Jam “Tremor Christ”

Talk about the overlooked band of my generation. I always feel like these guys are forgotten about every couple of years until they release a record that is incredible. They did kind of get a bum rap from the beginning though. Being put in the shadow of Nirvana would suck for anyone. They’ve done so many cool things throughout their career though that it’s hard to quantify how important they are to modern music. Just on the merits of this song alone, it’s fairly obvious how influential they have been. Great song off a great record.


WINNER OF THE WEEK: Pearl Jam. Those guys are great. Their albums never get boring or old. Great stuff here!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Even though I’m sure I’ll catch some flak for it, the worst song here is definitely the Brand New track. Seriously, that song is just straight up boring.

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