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Shuffle…..Friday??? (10/19/2012)

It’s time to play shuffle games again but this time, it’s on a Friday??? OK, here’s the deal. My girlfriend has been in Europe for the last 5 weeks. She comes home on Saturday night and I’m pretty sure the last thing I’m gonna do on Sunday is wake up and write about music. So I’m doing this a few days early, sound good? After this week, I’ll make sure to come back on Sundays. Alright, let’s check out what that fickle bitch Itunes has in store for us this week…


Los Lonely Boys “Hollywood”

Ha! I’ll bet you didn’t know these dudes actually wrote more than that one song. Come to think about it, I didn’t really either. What’s funny is that this song doesn’t really sound any different than their big hit single. It’s not bad, it’s not good. It just is. I can tell these guys are probably pretty good musicians, but the presentation is just flat. It sounds like something you would hear in a grocery store. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I think Pink! and Fergie kinda have that market cornered. What is awesome about this is the album cover. Check out that dude in the background (I think it’s the drummer). Who knew that a hard-ass ese could sound like such a puss? Awesome.


Joy Division “Heart and Soul”

This is definitely one of those bands that I appreciate more and more the older I get. I always knew about Joy Division when I was younger, but I grew up with New Order so that was always what I knew. When I was a kid, my sister had a “Love Will Tear Us Apart” poster hanging in her apartment. I’m sure she tried to show me how awesome it was, but I was too busy trying to check out the boobs on that statue chick. It’s really cool coming back to Joy Division now that I’m older. Listening to them now is a real treat. I can’t believe how much influence they have had on some of my favorite artists. This song in particular is amazing. The rhythm section creates such an uneasiness throughout the song. The bass is almost hypnotic, but the drums are so stark and out of place. What a cool sound! I came back to listen to Joy Division when Psychic T.V. wrote “I.C. Water” about Ian Curtis. Songs like that go to show what a powerful band this was in such a short time.


Eminem “Evil Deeds”

In my opinion, Eminem is one of the only modern MC’s that really tried to perfect the art of hip-hop. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of rappers that I really enjoy but the way Em delivers his flow is just impeccable. Not to mention the fact that his shit is always really fun to listen to. Now, that being said, this song here really kind of sucks. The entire first minute and a half could be cut out completely. What a waste of good space. On top of that, the beat is fucking horrible. It really makes me feel claustrophobic. I guess this song did come out when he was poppin’ Vicodin’s like they were candy. Didn’t he get kinda fat too??? I dunno. Big fan, but this song is a skip for sure.


Scissor Sisters “Something Like This”

Oh man. This is exactly what I hear in my head after taking too many shots of Jameson. Just listening to this makes me feel drunk. And that’s an awesome thing! I feel like my head just turned into a huge drunk gay bar right now! It’s like a modern day Elton John fucking a synthesizer while being recorded by Boy George. Good fun.  I always really thought this band was alright. They took the electronic influence and made it fun. I think this band should’ve been where LCD Soundsystem ended up. Seriously, this is a lot more fun to listen to. And the album cover is fucking great!

Dropkick Murphys “Never Again”

So, I really like Dropkick. I’ve got the Irish blood, so of course I dig ’em. However, this song provides us with a cautionary tale. If you “like” a band, their B-Sides are usually terrible. If you “love” a band, their B-Sides are still terrible, you just don’t really care. And that is exactly what went wrong here. This was released for fans that worship the ground Dropkick walks on. Like I said, I only “like” Dropkick, so I hear a boring-ass song from a band that I usually really like. On top of all of that, they are from Boston and love the Red Sox, so I gotta keep ’em at arms length. That shit is just gross. Never trust a Red Sox fan.



WINNER OF THE WEEK: In spite of how funky the scissor sisters song makes me feel, I’ve gotta give the nod to Ian Curtis and Joy Division

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Under normal circumstances, I would say Los Lonely Boys, but that Eminem song really sucks. Especially because I know he can do so much better than that.

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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