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Shuffle Sunday (11/18/12)

Here is this weeks addition of Shuffle Sunday. I decided that I should try to add streams of the songs that I’m hearing (why I didn’t do that to begin with is beyond me). That way, we can talk about the songs together instead of me just yelling at you the whole time. I’m also going to include my “winner of the week” and “turkey of the week”. Let me know which ones you liked and hated too! I’ll be updating all of the old Shuffle Sundays to follow suit as well. Go back and listen, respond and play along. It’ll be fun!!!


Rose Hill Drive “Birthdays and Breakups”

This song is actually pretty cool. Roughly the first two minutes sound like a pretty straightforward rock song. Then, the song shifts moods really quickly. Electronic drums are introduced and the song changes and sounds completely different. Normally, I like a fairly consistent pattern with my songs, but I really like the way this song changes dynamics. Holy shit! It just happened again around the 5:20 mark. How cool. I don’t really know what I was expecting here, the song is over 8 minutes long. The third shift features acoustic drums and piano. Dare I say it sounds somewhat reminiscent of The Beatles (in a good way that is). I really like this song. I think I’ll check out the rest of the record too.


The Slackers “Knowing”

This band is so incredible! I feel like they are one of the very few modern bands that have managed to capture a sound that is from a time past. Really, listen to this song. It sounds like it could’ve been recorded in the late 70’s. When bands play music that is fairly genre specific or a style that is no longer popular, it usually comes across sounding trite and forced, but I don’t get that with these guys. It’s a really good vibe on this song (and really, the rest of their discography is pretty solid). I keep meaning to check these guys out live, but I always space it when they come around.


Pink Floyd “Time”

Sigh. I was really hoping that I would never have to confront a Pink Floyd song during Shuffle Sunday. Mostly because I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said. On top of that though, what I do say will probably catch me a fair amount of shit. Oh well, Shuffle has spoken, so here we go…..I don’t really like Pink Floyd. Actually, in my experience, I find it really kind of boring. See, I didn’t grow up with classic rock in my house. I was fed a pretty steady diet of jazz, classical and piano pop. Looking back on it, I probably didn’t hear a Pink Floyd song until I was a teenager. By that time, I was too busy looking for other music to really give a shit about the classics.For better or worse, that mindset has kind of persisted into my adult life. My roommate made me sit down a few weeks ago and listen to Dark Side of the Moon from beginning to end and while I appreciate what Pink Floyd has done for current music, I just can’t get into it. Being that this song comes from a live album though, I am definitely impressed with the musicianship. I bet these dudes nailed it live almost every time.


The Railway Children “In The Meantime”

Yawn. I’m not sure who gave me this album but I am extremely disappointed in them for doing so. What a boring ass song. It sounds like these guys really wanted to be R.E.M. but couldn’t muster up enough ballsack or melody to pull it off. I can’t even imagine what a show by these guys would look like. I’ll bet it’s just two dorks with acoustic guitars and a tambourine being all sensitive and harmonizing with each other and stuff. Yeah, I’ll pass on checking this out further.
Note: The version of the song that I listened to is an acoustic version of the song that I have linked to. I couldn’t find a stream of the version I listened to at home. I guess they were too embarrassed to let people hear it.  Just imagine the song that I linked to, but a whole lot lamer. You’ll get the picture.


Fatboy Slim “The Talk (Live)”

There is a bunch of talk right now about the rise of EDM. The rise of dubstep (shudder) has a bunch of people acting like electronic music was non existent before those idiots came around. I seem to remember a pretty big movement of dance music in the late 90’s and early 00’s though and Fatboy Slim was a pretty big part of it. I’m sure a lot of people remember him for his video with Christopher Walken (which was amazing), but Fatboy Slim was (and is) pretty solid all the way around. Why? Cause it makes me want to dance. And if there is one thing that I cannot do, it’s dance. This track comes from a live album recorded at Brighton Beach. How fucking fun would that have been??? I can barely dance on solid ground. Put me on sand and give me a few beers and I would’ve been wiggling all over the place! If time travel ever happens, I’m gonna have to go get all sloppy in England for this show.

WINNER OF THE WEEK: This was hard. I was gonna say Fatboy Slim cause it made me wanna get fucked up and dance, but I’m gonna go with the Rose Hill Drive song. That song is presented in a cool way and kept me interested for 8 minutes (no small feat). It definitely made me want to hear more of their work. Good job boys!

TURKEY OF THE WEEK: Far and away this goes to The Railway Children. There is a reason you never heard of these dorks before. I only wish you could hear the song that I did. It would be a pretty hard case to argue for them.

What was your favorite song this week? Let me know in the comments section!

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