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Metronomy – Love Letters Album Review

The album cover for Love Letters by Metronomy

When I started listening to Love Letters, the newest album by Metronomy, it brought a reminiscent air of many different memories,  and carried with it a remorseful yet upbeat atmospheric quality.  The vocals carry a strong emotion that aided in empowering the story of the songs through the varied feel that the music obtained.

Throughout Love Letters, I keep thinking about karaoke or open mic night style singing, which says nothing to the quality of singing. The lyrics are portrayed in an expert fashion, but they carry the feel of a person singing their woes out to their love interest or ex-partner. “I’m Aquarius” is a track I have fallen in love with. It hits me at an awesome level, any music that can make me think back to bittersweet memories with a different perspective than merely a participant always gets added to my list. “Love Letters,”  the title track enters with a melancholic trumpet formation,  feeling very much like a wake or funeral proceeding,  before kicking thing up a notch with an upbeat jam-band sound. The lyrics from this song detail a love lost, but not forgotten or one in the process of failure much to one’s disdain. The song “Boy Racers” has a little funky tone to it, which plays off my weakness for such music. Sure, it’s void of lyrics but full of soul and passion. “Reservoir” has has a sound akin to The Doors in terms of the keyboard sound and singing that somewhat reminds me of a long lost John Lennon vocal cut. If a band can pull off reminding me of groups or artists I know and love, it takes me to the same special place and imbeds a sense of familiarity.

Overall, Love Letters is a pretty damn good album. There are a couple of songs that I’m not crazy about, but that’s more of a personal preference. The album as a whole flows from one song to the next very well. There’s love, drama, sorrow, desire, and loss. In its entirety, I fully appreciate the artist and musical quality of Love Letters, I only recommend listening to the album from beginning to end before passing judgement, because you may just be surprised at the full quality of this piece of work.

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