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Metallica To Play Concert In….Antarctica???

Like damn near everyone that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, my musical rite of passage (so to speak) went directly through the biggest metal band of all time. Metallica. Those guys were my introduction to the heavier side of music. Although I can’t say with any real certainty that I wouldn’t have discovered “aggressive” music without them, they certainly made the discovery process easier and quite frankly, fun and exciting. Throughout the years, they’ve always been a band that has stayed on my radar, albeit nowhere near the forefront, but I’ve always appreciated what they’ve done for music, but more importantly, what they did for my own personal musical development.

But lately, it seems like Metallica has become more like a brand than an actual band. They worked on a fancy 3D movie that no one saw and their last proper album (unless you count Lulu, their collaboration with Lou Reed) was released in 2008, nearly five years ago now. But instead of taking the time to write new material, Metallica is taking time out of their schedule to play the first ever rock concert in Antarctica. I’m not gonna hash out all of the details (if you’re interested, check out their website here) but it really seems like a silly promotional stunt. Metallica has played shows in nearly every corner of the globe and now they will be the only band (well….major band) that has played in the frozen continent.

But does it really do anything for fans? The few fans chosen to experience the “show” will be treated to a cruise to Antarctica where they will see the band play…without amplification. The sound is to be broadcast through headphones to the audience. In fact, it isn’t even clear if the audience will even be in the same room as the band playing. You ask me, the concert sounds more like a notch in Metallica’s touring bedpost than a cool experience for their fans. Who knows, maybe I’m just getting older, but if my favorite band were to do something like this, I would likely shrug with just as much indifference, especially if there was no new material on the horizon.

The importance of Metallica cannot be debated. They’ve done more for “heavy” music than any other band out there. At this point in their career, they have the chance to influence a whole new generation of kids coming up, just like they did for mine and the one before. That is if they ever find their way back into the studio…


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