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Itunes 11 Is SUCH AN ASSHOLE!!!!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve noticed that I’ve been having some troubles with the newly released Itunes 11. Mainly, that it’s a completely useless, no-good asshole. Seriously.

I am really going to try and stay away from posts that aren’t music related (this one kind of is right), so I am gonna keep it brief….

  • If you hate yourself, smooth running programs and things that look nice: download Itunes 11
  • If that’s not you, stick with version 10.7. I cannot stress this enough.
This is what using 11 feels like. Make sense? Not to me. (sorry Germany)

I’m not usually the kind of guy that bitches about a companies products to said company. For example, if I get a fucked up Big Mac, I’ll most likely just eat it or toss it. I’m not gonna bitch to the dude behind the counter, cause chances are he just doesn’t give a fuck (I should know cause I was that dude at one time). But Apple???? I mean, they should know better. So I wrote a letter. I’m sure it’ll fall on deaf ears over there, but at least I tried right????

I mean seriously, how am I supposed to bring you Shuffle Sunday when Itunes freezes up on me. What a terrible work environment.

Check out the letter I sent them:

To Whom It May Concern,


I just wanted to take a moment and voice my displeasure with the latest version of Itunes. I have always supported my use of Itunes as being the easiest and most interesting music platform available. My friends all give me a hard time and call me a dinosaur for even owning music anymore (most of them have moved on to programs like Spotify). However, I have always enjoyed owning a large library of music and tagging it and making it like my own personal little record store. I would tell you how much music I have, but I’m not even sure anymore (one of the MANY features missing in the new Itunes) but at my last recollection, it was around 460 GB. Every time Apple comes out with a new product, I am always eager to pick it up. I have an Iphone, Ipad and Ipod (classic, which I love). Apple has always been innovative in their design and presentation, so I was eager to get the new version of Itunes. What a mistake…….

To begin with, a number of small but enjoyable features that I once loved are now missing. As mentioned above, I haven’t found a way to see the total size of my library. Also, there is no framing around the song titles, making it look ridiculous. Probably most notably missing for me is the album artwork. Yeah yeah, there’s that little speck in the now playing songs menu, but I don’t get to see the cover of the album as I used to. On top of that, there is no way to change or modify the artwork unless you play that track/album. How am I supposed to update the artwork on my Miley Cyrus records when I can’t listen to Slayer???? Your really going to make me listen to Miley Cyrus???? Oh, and coverflow is missing too. Even though I didn’t use it much, it was really fun to have.

And that is just the looks of the program. The functionality of Itunes 11 has been complete garbage. The search feature routinely freezes up the whole program, causing me to shut it down and restart all over again. Just cause I wanna hear a song. Also, I wasn’t even able to connect to the Itunes store for the first two days of having 11. Oh, and it doesn’t seem to enjoy it when I use the “get info” feature to, you know, get info. I’m not too fond of the “Alternative” label you at Apple love to put on so many bands. So I change it to something I feel is more appropriate. Errr….I did change it. Now it just freezes or sits there blankly not doing what I tell it to. Itunes 11 is acting like an asshole teenager that thinks they know everything. Really annoying.

So yeah. Itunes 11 sucks. On top of being completely un-user friendly, it crashes, lags and is just generally slow and hard to use. I know that if I do get a response from you it is going to be some generic bullshit talking about “ironing out the kinks” or you may suggest that I update my PC (how industrious). How about instead of feeding me a line about this (and undoubtedly thousands of other disappointed fans) you just fix what you broke. I mean c’mon, that’s fair right??? Because really, I can’t bear to use this shit. And when it comes down to it, I’ve done my fair share to support Apple. I wouldn’t feel bad for jumping ship when your products start to suck as much as this one does.

Hope this input helps you all make better choices with your releases in the future. Good luck.

Yeah yeah yeah, that’s full of some nerdy shit that you don’t even really care about. I just needed to get out some anger about this and let it out. Thank God I still buy CD’s.


What programs do you use for your digital music library? Am I missing out on something that I should check out (no, Spotify doesn’t cut it). Let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, check me out on Facebook and Twitter (I won’t bite. Promise)

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