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I Totally Got Ripped Off!!!

So, I’m running a little behind with Shuffle Sunday today. Why you ask? Well first off, I had to completely reload my library on to Itunes after that bastard version 11 totally fucked my world up. And that took a loooooong time….

To boot, I wanna fill you guys in on something. About a month ago, I did a google search for some of my stuff (GutterBubbles, Shuffle Sunday etc.) and I found this website. What do they have to do with me you might ask? Well, nothing except for the fact that they lifted my Shuffle Sunday column.

I initially thought that I had unintentionally used the same idea as them, but after some looking,  I realized that my first “Shuffle Sunday” was written and posted nearly a month and a half before theirs. I thought that was a little sketchy, but I decided to read their column to see if it was perhaps just a legitimate mistake. As I read the writers introduction, I was blown away to discover that there were similarities between the two columns that couldn’t be just a coincidence. Conveniently, the author said that he had thought of the concept a while back, but just got around to writing it.

I decided that I wasn’t OK with what I consider to be, for lack of a better term, intellectual theft. I asked my good friend Jeff (who is a accomplished writer and mentor) how I should proceed. He told me to write them a letter letting them know that I found their column and pointing out that the idea was “published” by me first. Hopefully it would be just an honest mistake and they would change the name of the column. I wrote a very considerate but firm email to the editor of the website and I also sent it as a private message to their Facebook account. I never heard anything back from them and they hadn’t posted their version of “SS” for a month, so I figured that it was cool and they got the point.

Until today when they posted another one. Not cool. So either they didn’t get any of the letters that I had sent to them (really???) or they did get them but just decided to ignore me. Now I know that I’m new at this whole blogging thing, and I’m just getting my start but this just seems like a really big dick move on their part. Sure, their website looks fancy and they have some decent content (I can’t help but to wonder where they found that) but that doesn’t just allow them to do whatever the fuck they want.

So I’m asking you, my readers and friends for help. They clearly aren’t going to listen to me, but if other people write them and tell em it was a bitch move doing that, they might at least respond to me.
Look, I really enjoy writing this blog. It’s a bunch of fun for me to do it and (judging by my page views) apparently some of you really like reading it. I’m not going to stop writing my Shuffle Sunday column just because some douchebags that run an EDM site ripped me off, but I would certainly like them (and all of you reading) to know that they aren’t doing things the right way. And seriously, how fucking conceited is the name of their website???

You can find their website here:
Here is their Facebook page:
And their Twitter:

I’m not asking you to write them and tell em they are assholes or anything like that. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. But you should let em know that you like reading the original Shuffle Sunday. Maybe that would make a point for ’em.

As far as shuffle goes, I’m not sure I’ve really got it in me after all that. Maybe we can set a date and Shuffle midweek? It’ll give you something to look forward to and I promise it’ll be more than 5 shitty DJ tracks that no one gave a fuck about in the first place.

I may not be shufflin’, but here is a track just for the guys over at MMIBTY:

Thank you for your help! I appreciate it so much! Talk to you all very soon.

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    1. Ryan Brun

      Yup. From the same city, with the same column, with the same name and the same content. I’m sure it’s just a mistake (dripping with sarcasm)


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