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I Need A New Drug……

Two weeks ago, I went to the record store to pick up the new Rage Against the Machine reissue of their first album XX. When I was heading to the checkout counter, the shop had all of the new reissues of The Beatles albums out on vinyl (including Past Masters, which was kinda sexy). The first thought that crossed my head was “how many times are people gonna buy the same album over and over again”. I was being kind of a dick, thinking about how lame it is that people just listen to the same shit and never get anything new. It wasn’t until I got to the register that I realized that, I am that person, and I am buying stuff over and over again…..fuck.

Remasters and re-releases of some of my favorite albums have begun to come out over the past few years. And for the most part, I’ve snatched em up like hotcakes. Most of the time, I’m pretty happy with my purchases. For example, the remastered version of Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine that came out a few years back was pretty awesome. The tracks sound better and the artwork looks 10 times better than the original artwork:

1989 Version
2010 Version

Now, I don’t think there could be any dispute about how much cooler that album cover looks. And the tracks sound better (more compressed???), so why not?

But herein lays the problem. Remasters are beginning to be the only thing I care about. Like I previously mentioned, I got the Rage Against The Machine remaster a few weeks ago. I am highly considering buying the 10th anniversary edition of Interpol’s Turn On The Bright Lights. Also, Led Zepplin is re-doing all of their albums, so why not get those too?

Then, just this last Tuesday, the fucking grandaddy of all re-released albums came out. The Smashing Pumpkins just put out a monstrous version of Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Check this huge bastard out:

Wow! That’s like porn to a music nerd! Tons of unheard tracks, remixes and an entire live concert from the MCIS era. Bad ass. Not to mention that the entire original album is completely remastered.

(side note: I’m not the biggest Pumpkins fan by any means, but I’ve always really enjoyed this album. But the mixes were HORRIBLE. How can “Zero” and “Bodies” sound so good when songs like “Jellybelly” sound so bad? It just never made sense to me. I just realized though that Flood had his hand in producing both Pretty Hate Machine and Melon Collie. So fuck that guy).

Now if I wanna buy that sexy-ass box set, I’m gonna have to drop a cool $130.00 on it. And because I’m stuck in the past and love reissues, I’m sure I will at some point. And really, I’m cool with that but………….

This is where I ask you, the reader, for help. I’m getting old and I’m getting lazy. I’m out of touch with new music (or at least music I haven’t been exposed too). I can remember when I started to really get into industrial music in my late teens and early 20’s and the stream of great new artists seemed to be endless. Well, now I know that it’s not.

So help me find new music. Please. I’m begging you. I really do love all types of music, so don’t be afraid to throw out some suggestions that may be “different” to me. I will listen to anything that is suggested and I’ll even write a little review about it. I’ll give you props for helping me out! I just need something different and new because the truth of the matter is that I can’t keep re-buying albums over and over again like those asshole Beatles fans.

Wanna suggest new music to me? Leave me a comment below or connect with me on my Facebook and Twitter pages!

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  1. Collin Fausnaugh

    I suffered the same fate, my friend. I would load up my phone with a handful of albums, listen for a few days, then switch ’em out. However, I am dreadful mix of lazy, rendering me sick of the music available more often than not.

    I turned to Pandora for a while. I figured it would provide me with at least a shuffle of tunes I’d be indifferent about, and I enjoyed not being responsible for it. It seems that since the inception of Spotify and whatever else competes with it, it’s gotten a lot better than I remembered. It pooped out a handful of new music I really enjoyed.

    Here’s a sample of new stuff I found and enjoyed. My apologies if they’re old news to you:

    The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning
    Say Hi To Your Mom – Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks
    Heavens – Patent Pending (It’s Skiba from Alkaline Trio and another guy)

    Good luck dude! xoxo

    1. Ryan Brun

      I haven’t heard any of those records. I’m excited to check em out!

      See, the biggest problem is that I don’t feel like there is a tangible outlet for discovering new music. Programs such as pandora and spotify seem to do an embarrassingly bad job at relevant tags like “genre” and “similar artists”. I usually end up getting frustrated and skipping tracks more than I discover and enjoy.

      The thing is, I respect people’s opinions. Even if I don’t see eye to eye on musical taste, I always like seeing the intention behind a suggestion. It’s like getting to know someone without talking to em. Does that even make sense?

      I guess that’s why I asked for help in the first place. I want to know what my friends and readers like more than what some weird ass robot radio thinks I’d like…..

      At least I can talk about it with you guys!

    1. Eric Reynolds

      I’ve been posting many of my old favorites from the past few years on Facebook and Reddit’s /r/MusicAlbums by way of Grooveshark playlists. Do you have any favorites as far as music reviewers? Pitchfork is good for keeping current, although I agree with maybe half of the ratings they hand out. There’s a whole new wave of young Hip Hop groups stirring things up over the last year or two. I especially keep getting Joey Bada$$ stuck in my head.

    2. Ryan Brun

      Cool Eric. I’m gonna check out the Reddit site for stuff and I’m gonna look into Joey Bada$$ too.

      The reason I would rather ask you guys instead of reading reviews is because I get to actually talk to you about it. Not just read some review that may think give me good advice. But yeah, I scrounge around Pitchfork, buddyhead, NME, etc. etc. on a daily basis.


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