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I Do What I Like And I Like What I Do!!!

I’ve always kind of felt insecure with my place in the musical landscape. As indicated in previous posts, I love all types of music and artists. Mainstream or underground, it really doesn’t matter to me as long as I like something about the tune.
My acceptance of different and all music is something I’m proud of. I feel like it makes my life better. But it also complicates things. It kinda gives me music ADD. Now this isn’t such a bad problem to have, with the exception that it makes relating with other music fans REALLY…..FUCKING…..HARD. Many people have a hard time understanding how a Slayer fan also really digs Michael Jackson. Or how the record sales or popularity of an artist really don’t mean shit to me.Finding a niche in music, or an artist that embodies those qualities was something that I was always really searching for. Music is supposed to be fun and free of labels and limitations, but everywhere I looked, the stereotypes and images were overwhelming. It felt like the fun was being choked right the fuck out of music. It wasn’t until 2001 that I discovered what the spirit of music was supposed to be about….

Oh. My. Fucking. God……Did you just see that? Did you just hear that? That video blew my goddamn mind just over 10 years ago. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. Andrew W.K. was over the top with everything and a complete paradox of nearly every stereotype that existed in heavy music. Andrew wasn’t underground, but he wasn’t mainstream. He wasn’t metal, but he wasn’t pop. How did something kick so much ass, but stay so positive? How was this so much….fun?

The next day, I went out to the record store and bought ‘I Get Wet’, Andrew’s debut album. I went home and listened to the disc from beginning to end. Twice. I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was a guy that was making the music he loved for fun. His goal was to inspire fun and promote happiness. This was a man that didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought about him and he was going to have fun telling the entire world about it. Wow.Sure, Andrew had his detractors, (read Ryan Schreiber’s review of I Get Wet here), but overall, in my opinion,  I Get Wet was the antithesis of music snobbery. But was it real or all just an act? In my mind, something this awesome seemed almost too good to be true. Was it really possible that Andrew W.K. just wanted to play his songs and have fun with friends? It seemed like that was too easy. I had to see this firsthand to know if the party was really all it was about.I waited almost an entire year to find out if Andrew was really as awesome as I envisioned him to be. He came through Denver on an opening stint for Flogging Molly, no small task in it’s own right. I knew Flogging Molly would be good, but what about Andrew??? It was a total fucking wildcard. I dragged my buddy (who didn’t really give a shit about Andrew) to see the show with me. After waiting patiently for what seemed like hours, the lights went down and it was literatly, “Time To Party”.

I’ll bet you’re wondering, what happened next? Was the show good? Epic? Amazing? Truth is, I don’t really have words for it. It was honestly beyond comprehension. It could’ve been the 6 oilcans of Foster’s that I drank beforehand, but I don’t think that was it either…..

Now I’ve been to a ton of shows in my time. I’ve been honored to see some great gigs and some of my favorite musicians up close and personal. But the first Andrew W.K. show I ever saw opened up a whole new realm of the musical landscape for me. Everything that I had seen and read previous to experiencing it firsthand had been true! It was fast, fun, sweaty and loud. People were singing, screaming, dancing and falling all over one another. This was no ordinary concert, this was more akin to divine intervention!

Look how pissed off my buddy is that he didn’t get a picture!!!

For the last 10 years, Andrew’s career has continued to steamroll on. He released another great album titled The Wolf in 2003 and an album of entirely improvised solo piano pieces, titled 55 Cadillac. He also released the Close Calls With Brick Walls and Mother of Mankind albums in America after only being available in Asia. Sure, there was definitely some weird shit going on in there involving identity issues (for more on that read this and this), but that really isn’t the point behind Andrew or his music.

Fun is the M.O. and that shit hasn’t changed for 10+ years. But fun is precisely what makes Andrew W.K. so goddamn important for modern music. His records and shows are an invitation to smile and let go of everything in your daily life. Where there is an image or scene to uphold in many other area’s of the musical landscape, Andrew just does his thing and invite’s you along for the ride! No judgement, no pretension, just fun.

Over the last 10 years, I have come and gone from Andrew’s music. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like partying, or I partied too hard and need to sit out for a while. However, the message behind Andrew’s music has stayed with me since that first spin of I Get Wet. In spite of genres, labels, artistry and even taste, when it comes down to it, music is meant to be enjoyed. Music is supposed to be fun! Life is supposed to be fun! Andrew himself summed this up pretty well as he signed my ticket stub for the show:

So thank you Andrew W.K. for continuously reminding me of that, personally and musically over the past 10 years!

p.s. If you want a good laugh or want some awesome advice, read Andrew’s Party Tips, found on his Facebook page. AWESOME!!!

I’m gonna leave you with this. You know what time it is!!!!

What do you think about Andrew W.K.? Let me know in the comments section below!

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