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HIM – Tears On Tape Album Review

The album cover for Tears on Tape by HIM

Finnish kings of doom and gloom return with Tears On Tape, their first record in nearly four years. Longtime fans of the band will be pleased to hear the band return to the sound of their earlier work, while still maintaining the musicianship they’ve garnered throughout the years. “All Lips Go Blue” and “Tears On Tape” utilize the classic formula of the band, complete with chugging riffs, mid-tempo drums and soaring choruses. “Drawn & Quartered” is as close to a ballad as HIM really ever gets, reminiscent of the quieter moments found on 2001’s Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, while the amped-up riff fest and insanely catchy melody of “I Will Be The End Of You” is easily one of the best songs the band has ever written.Really, the only surprise to be found on Tears On Tape is the inclusion of instrumental interludes; a first in the band’s catalog. While there are some interesting elements found, these four interludes don’t contribute anything to the album as a whole, leaving them feeling out of place and unnecessary. That being said, HIM have created a wonderful album, using a palate full of sadness and minor keys to paint a captivating portrait of doom fueled rock and roll.

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