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Foster the People – Supermodel Album Review

The album cover for Supermodel by Foster the People

I have always loved how Foster The People deliver their music. Their albums are always full of unexpected twists, without sacrificing the overall experience. The first track itself sets a huge mood, coming in with an almost jam-band standard with a lot of poppy upbeat feel to it. “In your face and get’s you moving” should be the genre for bands such as this, with Foster the People leading the way.

“Are You What You Want To Be” is probably my new favorite jam. Expansive guitar works with and an impressive set of vocals that reminds me of a choir. It’s a great start to to the album. “Coming of Age” is the soundtrack to my high school tenure. The joy of new relationships,  the sadness of walking away, and an overall acceptance of growing older. “Best Friend” is one that has even more importance to me. With one line sticks out the most; “It draws up/I’ve been a river bed/I tried to salt the wound/I’ve carried more than I can/I feel I’ve got a lot to prove/Sometimes I feel like I only dream in black and white.” Talk about hitting a nail on the head. I know everyone has had moments like this with important people in our lives who may or may not have left in the end. It’s a supremely tender moment on the record that seriously works on playing the heartstrings. The song “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying The Moon” is an epic track on this album, one that somewhat unexpected. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but the only idea that comes into mind from these lyrics is akin to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. The beauty amidst the chaos, the simplicity of and terrifying audacity of “creating” freedom.

All in all, this album wins a full seal of approval. When I first heard Foster The People, I wasn’t as amused as I was told I would be but after experiencing this album, I have completely changed my opinion. I’m really hoping they keep up the good work because with an album as solid as Supermodel, there can only be great things to follow.

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