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Fairweather – Fairweather Album Review

The album cover for Fairweather by Fairweather

The wait is over! Finally, Fairweather, easily one of the most underrated bands this century, has awoken from their slumber with a ten-pack of songs much to the delight of their patient and devoted fan base. Fairweather, the band’s third full-length album comes out after ten plus years away from the studio. Now, it’s only fair to mention that their sophomore album Lusitania didn’t connect with all of their fans, with the band opting for a post-hardcore sound as well as a mild change in the way Jay Littleton belted out his lyrics. Still, many fans did enjoy the change of pace and those are the very fans that will enjoy the new record too.

For those who are looking for a return to If They Move…Kill Them norm might be left incomplete. Recreating an album as epic as that is borderline impossible. Instead, the Virginia natives continue down a less poppy, yet harder-edged path. That isn’t to say that Fairweather is devoid of hooks though. The back to back cuts of “Kill the Silence” and “Last Words” are the infectious sort that make the album worth it regardless of what you think of the balance of songs. The former grasps you early with a guitar and vocal intro, morphing quickly into the full package. Right after that, you’re treated with their staples: melodic intro and scream-a-long chorus.

“Doubt the Doubtless” most closely resembles a Lusitania b-side. “Memoria” too fits that bill, with a furious guitar strum coupled perfectly with bass that almost plods along and drums that pop. The intro “Carte Blanche” is a 72-second track that you’d love to give an additional two minutes to and see where it goes, while album closer “No Flags Top Fly” slices a little deeper and will be the go-to track for those who fell in love the Alaska EP.

While disappointment hit for many when Fairweather chose to grow and adapt, I find it represents the bands breadth. Looking for the quintessential catchy pop-punk? Try If They Move…Kill Them, a no-doubt top 20 album of all time for the genre, on for size. What about something that introduces a more hard-hitting edge? Alaska EP or Lusitania is beckoning you. So where does that leave Fairweather? It’s difficult to classify, but it closely resembles a hybrid of the two styles, honing the direction they set forth on their previous without forgetting the bread and butter of their debut. And it’s damn good. Let’s just hope this isn’t their last.

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