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Dave Grohl’s Time Off From Foo.

A few weeks ago on the official Foo Fighters facebook page, Dave Grohl posted that the Foo Fighters were going on a indefinite hiatus and “going away for a while”. He also says a bunch of other stuff in the message, but I’m lazy and quite frankly, really bad at paraphrasing so read the rest of Dave’s statement here.

Now if history serves as any sort indicator of what will happen with the Foo Fighters, look at a few other 90’s bands that have gone on “hiatus”. For example, No Doubt just released their first album in 11 years! 11 goddamn years! They were on break longer than most bands that stay together. How about Garbage? They just released their first record in almost 7 years! Jesus Christ that’s a long time for a fan to wait.

It may be a stretch to compare the Foo’s to No Doubt and Garbage. I mean, the Foo’s are not fronted by a hot old chick (although Dave is one handsome man) and they do rock a bit harder than the aforementioned groups. I do however think that fan’s probably shouldn’t hold their breath for a new Foo Fighter’s anything for quite some time.

And that’s OK. The Foo Fighters had a good run. Actually, the Foo Fighters had a great run. Even if they never record another song again, I’ll be alright with that. I’ve always enjoyed the music that they created together. In fact, The Colour And The Shape and There Is Nothing Left To Lose are two of my favorite records of all time.

You might be wondering then, what the members of the Foo Fighters do with all of their free time? I mean, the Foo Fighters were one of the hardest working bands in the last decade. Considering that they released 7 full-length records, a litany of recorded B-sides and were on tour nearly every single year, I think these dudes deserve a break. However, I doubt they will be taking much time off….

Foo guitarist Chris Shiflett is also a member of Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies and he rocks a solo band, so he’s gonna do alright. Bassist Nate Mendel is a member of numerous other bands, most notably Sunny Day Real Estate. I’m gonna guess he’ll figure something out too.

Other Foo guitarist (and resident weirdo) Pat Smear will do……something. Really, it doesn’t really matter what he does, he’s Pat fucking Smear! He could parade around all day with his he-pussy hanging out writing surf rock songs and chain-smoking with male models and I bet it would be great! Actually….he probably should do that.

Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer could also really do whatever the hell he wants. For Christ sake, he took over the drum kit from Dave Grohl. I get performance anxiety just thinking about that. That’s like Iggy Pop winning a beauty contest. It just doesn’t make sense. And not only did he take over for one of the greats, but he made the position his by kicking ass on Every. Single. Record. Taylor has earned a break. Dude should just go find a quiet place and consider how fucking rad he is for the next few years.

So sure, all of the Foo Fighters are gonna have something to do for the next few years (if not forever) but what about the head Foo? What about Dave?

Well, in the immediate future, Dave has a documentary about the famous Sound City studio coming out soon. Now I’m not really sure if this kind of thing is going to appeal to anyone but die hard music fans, but if you’re actually reading this blog, then you probably are. The website for the movie looks pretty awesome though! There’s a bunch of clips of people like Trent Reznor, Ross Robinson, Rick Rubin, Butch Vig etc. etc. talking about music. I love it when people I look up to talk about normal folks shit. It makes it a little more fun to be a fan!

Now, movies are great and all (especially dork shows about rock music) but when I think of Dave Grohl, I don’t think about movies. Not even in the slightest. Nope, when I think of what Dave Grohl should do next, I think of one thing and one thing only…..

Dave needs to find the nearest drum set and beat the ever loving shit out of it!

I know, I know. I just got done kissing the Foo Fighters’ collective ass for being a great rock band. And they are a great band! Taylor is the absolute perfect drummer to play for the Foo Fighters (even though the drumming on the first two records was pretty solid) and Dave sings and play’s a mean guitar. So I’ll bet you’re wondering, “What gives?”

To answer that, check out this video from a not too distant past and pay attention to Dave:

Jesus Christ!! It’s like watching a man possessed! It’s not a one time occurrence either. Every time Dave plays the drums, he pummels the absolute hell out of them. Sure, his playing may not be the most intricate, but I challenge you to find any “modern” drummer that plays with that much energy, passion and ferocity.

In spite of the fact that Grohl has been rocking out with his Foo buddies for the better part of the past 20 years, drumming is something he always did on the side. In fact, all of the drumming projects he took up would fill up any normal musicians schedule alone. In the past 15 years or so, Dave has done records or songs with Queens of the Stone Age, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, Tenacious D, Frank Black and….Michael Jackson. He also released a metal record from his project Probot. If that wasn’t enough, he also started a band with Josh from QOTSA and John-Paul Jones from Led fucking Zepplin!!! Oh, and before all that he played in Nirvana. No big deal.

So Dave. Now that the Foo Fighters are finished for a little while, and your documentary is close to complete, I imagine you’re gonna have some down time. Shit, with your past history and schedule, I’ll bet you’re downright bored in about six months. Might I suggest loaning your drumming talents to a new band? There are some out there that could really use you. Like Mumford & Sons. Sure, their pretty decent songwriters, but how many times can you hear just a four on the floor bass drum accompanied by a banjo played really fucking fast and an English dude shouting at you? See, if you were behind the kit for them, they might actually sell awesome records instead of just tricking everyone. Just an idea……

Whatever Dave and the rest of the Foo Fighters decide to do with their time away is really up to them. They deserve a good break. Let’s just hope that break involves new music, mangina and Grohl bringing the fire from where he does best. On a throne behind a drum set.

What do you want to see Dave do next? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Also, you can connect with Gutter Bubbles on Facebook and Twitter.

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