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Daisy Victoria – Heart Full of Beef EP Album Review

The album cover for Heart Full of Beef by Daisy Victoria

There are moments in music that make you question everything you heard prior to that moment. Be it melodies that make your hair stand on end or small, barely noticeable musical nuances that can bring an entire song (if not album) together with that “a-ha, I fucking get it!” moment, these instances tend to be few and far between. Music lovers know exactly what I’m talking about here. These are the moments we live for, devouring a song over and over again, like a junkie chasing a high.

One such moment can be found on UK artist Daisy Victoria’s new EP Heart Full of Beef. “Tree” the final track on the 5 song set abruptly stops about halfway through, leaving only a gently strumming guitar and Daisy’s voice to fill the void. The song slowly swells before erupting into a swirling maelstrom of beauty, replete with piano and chime accents that will make you wish the song had another five minutes to play out. It’s a breathtaking way to round out the EP. But that’s not to say that the rest of Heart Full of Beef isn’t a compelling listen either. The album opening title track is a blustery affair, recalling shades of early Yeah Yeah Yeah’s with its slinking bassline and “who gives a shit if it’s perfect” guitar line which is honestly quite refreshing. “Cloth” and “Secret Garden Path” largely follow the same format, but with enough movement and playfulness in the songs themselves to keep the EP fresh and intriguing while the sultry “Macbeth To My Lady” features soaring vocals and pop sensibilities that will keep you coming back time and time again.

Heart Full of Beef may be one of the better things that you’ve never heard. There is a sense of elusiveness to the songs that is guaranteed to keep you engaged throughout the EP. It’s a satisfying listen, but one that will keep you on your toes throughout. But be warned, because your first listen of Heart Full of Beef will certainly not be your last.

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