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Bad Rabbits – American Love Album Review

The album cover for American Love by Bad Rabbits

Sometimes you just wanna cut loose and fucking party. But what’s the appropriate soundtrack for that? Look no further than the new LP American Love from Boston’s Bad Rabbits. It’s made up of ten blistering tracks of sexy party funk that will keep you dancing all night long.

From the rolling synths of the album opener “We Can Roll,” it’s obvious that Bad Rabbits only real intention with the record is to make sure everyone listening has a good time, a task they don’t take lightly and rarely disappoint with. The party continues with the Isley Brothers-esque “Can’t Fool Me” and the space funk rock of “Get Up And Go.” American Love takes a slight misstep with “Take It Off” which is a hyper-sexualized funk rock jam that doesn’t sound fully developed. It does showcase vocalist Fredua Boakye’s ridiculous range, but over and above that, the song is a letdown. “Dirty” gets things back on track with up-tempo rock that features an awesome saxophone outro while the ultra-funky “Doin It” has all the energy and sex appeal of any past Prince hit. But the highlight of the record is the breakup anthem “Sayonara” whose slinking bassline and playful synth lines lighten the darker lyrics that damn near everyone listening can relate to.

American Love is the kind of album that should definitely be in your collection. Its funk colored rock and R&B may not be the type of music that you usually favor, and understandably so.  Mainly because so few modern artists have the talent to pull off this type sound without coming across as a dated carbon copy of the greats that came before them. But that’s not the case with Bad Rabbits. They’ve managed to incorporate elements of the past into a sound that’s uniquely modern and all their own. So the next time you want to party, put on American Love and dance your ass off!

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