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Album Review – Slightly Stoopid: Meanwhile…Back at the Lab

The album cover for Meanwhile Back at the Lab by Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid has been rocking out reggae/punk/surf since they were in High School in the mid 90s. They were one of the most successful bands to ride the white boy reggae vacuum left by Bradley Nowell of Sublime’s untimely demise. But don’t go thinking that Slightly Stoopid are copying the style of Sublime in the same sense that String Cheese copies The Grateful Dead. No. Slightly Stoopid has been refining this small genre for a very long time. With the release of Meanwhile…Back at the Lab you might even be able to say that they now have it polished.

Meanwhile…Back at the Lab proves just that, by beginning with a beautiful horn laden instrumental that leads into “This version,” which will no doubt be considered a classic Slightly Stoopid tune in no time. A new version of “The Profit” follows which is always welcome as it truly is a classic Slightly Stoopid song. A fantastic nod to ska comes next with “Hold it Down.” Honestly this album is not to be ignored from start to finish. The Grammy-winning Angela Hunte joins in on “One Bright Day,” a beautifully written acoustic number that’ll have you reaching for your Zig-Zags.

If what your looking for is an album to kick back and smoke a few to, this is it. Slightly Stoopid has mastered the art of the mellow. But they do make a nod to their roots with “Fuck You” which is as punk as you can get. So at least we know they haven’t forgotten where they came from. Admittedly its nice to see a band that can mellow you out on one track and have you smashing up the living room in a one man mosh pit the next. It’s good to let it out.

This was the perfect album for Slightly Stoopid to release to get Denver hyped up for their August 1st show with Dirty Heads at Red Rocks. You can almost feel the music reverberate off the mountainous walls of the what many consider to be the best concert venue in the world. There is no more perfect type of music for that setting. It will be smokey. See you there.

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