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Album Review – Ghostface Killah: Twelve Reasons to Die II

The album cover for Twelve Reasons to Die II by Ghostface Killah

When it really comes down to it Ghostface Killah is a story teller. He uses his New York attitude to bring you a story that could very well be the next Scorsese movie with Twelve Reasons To Die and the sequel Twelve Reasons To Die II. This collaboration with Adrian Younge continues the 60’s-70’s Mafia story from the first album. Younge is a well known musical genius and he is flexing on this album. There are even a few special guests from GFK’s Wu-Tang days.

Every good story needs a good narrator, but instead of settling with the usual Morgan Freeman type, GFK went with his old pal RZA. Even though RZA might not be able to carry a script like Shawshank, he can certainly hold his own with the hard hitting lyrics on this album. These are not some easy listening lyrics, this album aims to knock your jaw loose. Raekwon also joins in as Lester Kane, a syndicate leader coming to power and starting an all out war. So you have GFK the JFK of rap bringing you the epic next chapter in an amazing mafia story. With Adrian Younge making this album much darker than the last. This concept album almost can’t be beat. It’s a fantastic collaboration with the members of Wu-Tang showing us that Wu-Tang Clan still “Aint nothing to fuck with”.

“Let The Record Spin” is the song on this album that seems to stand out the most. When I listen to The Doors and hear the prominent organ I get a queasy feeling in my stomach as I reach for the stop button. But the way Adrian Younge blends it in with the bass line and GTK’s voice is nothing less then pure genius. I smell awards for this album.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the real gangsters are to be found on the East Coast. This album has to be as gangster as you can get as far as this years releases go. Twelve Reasons to Die II is going to generate a lot of interest for folks who grew up watching Al Pacino and Marlon Brando play gangsters from this time period. I know it did for me. But make sure you catch the first album just to make sure you get the entire drama. It’s completely worth it.

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    Great review, i love the writing style. Hope to see more reviews from Chris O’shea.


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