What Is GutterBubbles?

As an ardent fan of music…all music, I didn’t feel like there was an outlet that covered everything I would want to know and learn about. In the internet age of mass consumption, it became essential for most music press to limit what they covered to only a specific genres or cater to levels of accessibility, which is fine and all, but I found myself visiting 10 different websites a day to read album reviews and get my music news. I thought to myself, “how cool would it be to try to have all of this in one place” and as such the idea behind GutterBubbles was born. I didn’t see why I couldn’t find a place to read a review of the new Skinny Puppy album, a piece about Taylor Swift, then skip over to a retrospective of Benny Goodman, so I decided to create just that. Lofty? Ambitious? Maybe a bit far-fetched? Sure, but throughout my life, I’ve always been attracted to all different types of music, not just a handful of genres, and while I know there are many people out there that share the same interests, it was always difficult to find a place to share that, so simply put, GutterBubbles is a place where lovers of all music can unite.


But What Are GutterBubbles?

Well, I’d like to tell you that GutterBubbles is a visual representation of the musical spectrum. “Gutter” representing everything grimy, dirty, and well…heavy in music. “Bubbles” being the lighter, fluffier and poppy side of things. Really, I’m sure I could pass that off and no one would be the wiser. The truth? I was walking home from the bar one night and saw a gutter spitting out a ton of bubbles. It was like someone dumped a bunch of soap on the roof of this building. I thought it was a the coolest thing I had ever seen (to be fair, I was a few beers deep) hence, GutterBubbles was born.


Does GutterBubbles really enjoy all music?

No way! Not by a long shot! But, we do give everything its due. Music is really…really hard to create. It’s even harder to share with people. We may not care for everything that comes our way, but we will give it absolute respect. Just because we don’t like something or give it a bad review doesn’t mean that we don’t fully respect and appreciate the process that went into creating it.


Can I Submit Music For GutterBubbles To Review?

Absolutely! We would love to hear what kind of stuff you’ve been up to creatively. That being said, we aren’t interested in reviewing your four track demo tape. GutterBubbles will only accept and review high quality, professional recordings (for the most part). Also, bear in mind that GutterBubbles is a small operation. There is only so much time in the day for us, so if you send an album to us, there is no guarantee that we will review it. Feel free to submit any recordings to or find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Can I do some writing for GutterBubbles?

Of course! The more the merrier! The only real requirement to write for GutterBubbles (aside from being able to articulate your thoughts in a mostly sensible way) is that you love music! We can always use help with Album Reviews, Features, and News. Again, because GutterBubbles is a small fish in a really….really big pond, we can’t afford to pay for most writing pieces (small exception for exclusive interviews, etc.) However, we will spoil you with new music and opportunities to talk and discuss music with like-minded people. Submit any inquiries to, fill out the fancy contact form on the contact page or get our attention on Facebook and Twitter.




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